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1 Verified Catering Services Near Me In Kavi nagar

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Aastha Caterer
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Shop No 17, Kavi Nagar, Near Nagar Nigam Office, C Block Market, Ghaziabad - 201002

Tushar Mehra

A highly professional and generous team of professionals. The food quality and presentation were excellent. They decorated the food section beautifully. I will surely recommend them to anyone looking for excellent food and genuine service.

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Date: 23-08-2022

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Frequently Asked Questions

We will speed up your search for caterers. This is done by providing you with quick quotes. The service providers listed will be serving in your area and meet your each and every requirement.

You can request these caterers for tasters. All caterers listed by us are registered with us and we have verified their each and every commercial details. If you need further assurances, please read the customer reviews about these service providers on our online portal.

The charges are always on a per plate basis. These are inclusive of all foods and beverages served and all other services.

Cancellation can mean missed opportunities for these caterers. Their entire team will be without work when they all could have been serving at a party. We recommend that you make these caterers aware of your change in plans at the earliest, so they can reimburse your deposits. If these caterers are available on the new date selected by you, they will reschedule too.

Once you have hired them and made your selections, the caterers will do the rest for you.

The experienced Caterers in Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad prepare and serve brilliantly


caterers in kavi nagarKavi Nagar located in Ghaziabad is mainly a residential area, housing residents old and new. It has a number of well to do areas nearby whose requirements for service providers are met by those based here. The Caterers in Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad serve in the area and those closby at weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and birthdays. Most of them serve at parties with guests of any number. There are few who will not serve a party with guests lower than a minimum number, as doing business this way is not profitable for them while there are others with a maximum limit, i.e. they don’t have the capability to serve so many people at the same time. 


We know the importance of the occasion for you

Weddings are a once in a life moment for the couple but these caterers serve at multiple weddings in a week. The Wedding Caterers in Kavi Nagar serve Mughlai, Punjabi, Chinese, South Indian cuisines. There are other more sophisticated caterers serving Italian, Mexican and Continental cuisines. The meals are prepared and served so as to please the guests in every aspect. There are enough live counters and bearers to serve every guest at the party. 


Anything you require, these caterers will prepare

When we think of a birthday party, we think of the birthday person and the cake. The guests are here to celebrate the occasion and enjoy themselves with people they know. The Birthday Party Caterers in Kavi Nagar don’t just prepare the cake but the evening starters and dinner too. Often the decorators and caterers compete with each other to see which one of them is remembered the longest by the guests. The type of guests vary according to the age group of the birthday person and hence the menu of the dishes to be served is also different. 


There are all types of caterers including Small Party Caterers in Kavi Nagar

Once in a while we all love to get together with people we know. Often these are a regular feature for instance the kitty parties. These are a small group with limited requirements for food in terms of quantity. There are Caterers in Ghaziabad, to serve these small parties too. At these parties the food may be prepared at the venue, your home, if there are sufficient cooking facilities for the items requested by you, else pre-prepared meals maintained at suitable temperature will be brought at your home.


These caterers adapt according to the occasion

House parties are usually organized by youngsters, either studying in colleges or new joinees of any profession. In this case a person agrees to let his house be used for partying. These parties are associated with loud noise and dancing people. The House Party Caterers in Kavi Nagar know what they will be up against to serve. Alcoholic beverages are always served at the parties and there are often requirements for bartenders to mix and serve drinks. Snacking is also a common feature with non-veg items in great demand.


These service providers are aware of religious sensitivities


India is a secular society, with everyone here allowed to follow their religion. Most hindus prefer vegetarian meals and at festival times they strictly enforce this code. At most parties you will see only veg food served. With western influences, non-veg items are catching up in the market with some groups of people allowing these items to be served at their premises. Both the Veg and Non Veg Caterers are dealing with different sets of people and with experience they know what to expect and what is expected from them. 


Every item is prepared with the attention it deserves

There are some restaurants in the city who double up as caterers for parties. There are some South Indian Caterers in Kavi Nagar, who are actually restaurant owners and have the capability to serve a large number of guests. This cuisine requires special utensils to prepare items like dosa, idli, vada, sambhar and coconut chutney. There are other items too and these are usually served together. Some of these items can also be served as snacks. These items can also be served on banana leaves if the customer and guests find it agreeable. 


Cuisines of your choice will be served

Chinese items are quite popular across the country, in every state. Most Chinese Caterers in Kavi Nagar, serve Indian versions of this cuisine. This doesn’t mean that there are no authentic chefs here. To see what kind of items will be served, you can always request for tasters. Since there will be only Chinese items at the party, there will be a number of items including starters, soups and main course.  


You will get your money’s worth from these caterers

Different caterers charge differently and these are not just based on how they prepare, but some of them are community conscious and they know what the customers will be able to afford. The Charges are always on a per plate basis and depend on the items you require, their quantity and how you would like to be served. These caterers are capable of providing crockery, cutlery and glassware. They will also provide service staff, if you require. The charges are inclusive of all the services provided to you. 


In case you are holding a party and looking for caterers Near Me, we at ZoopGo are here to assist. Simply complete the small requirements form and 4 best quotes, without any charges will be on your mobile, in moments. As an alternative our consultants are available Toll-free at 1800-12312-9655 for any requirements you may want to discuss or to seek clarifications for any queries you may have. 

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