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5 Verified Wedding Planner Near Me In Faridabad
Average Rating (4) - 5 reviews

Dhairrey Productions


(1) Review’s

T 4602, RPS Savana, Sector 88, Near By SRS Chowk, Faridabad - 121002

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Uttkarsh Chauhan

Well, Dhairrey Productions are better according to my experiences. They have expertise event planners in Faridabad as they manage all of my wedding management. At that time I don’t need to be hectic during my wedding occasion. The food court is properly organized and the decoration is also eye-catching. Thank you, guys! For making my day more

Road Dragonn


(1) Review’s

1564, Red Quarters, Sector 16, Near Red Quarters, Faridabad - 121002

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Reena Mehta

They are the best event planner in Faridabad because they know how to manage my irritating guests with kindness. Even the staff members are highly trained and humble. Thank you, guys!

Guru Kripa Tent House and Caterers


(1) Review’s

2C/46, N.I.T. - 2, Faridabad Nit, Near Bhatia Sewa Samaj, Faridabad - 121001

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Rajat Sawhney

Guru Kripa Tent House and Caterers have given the best services in my wedding party. I am truly very impressed with their work ethic and professionalism.

Ykg Events


(1) Review’s

H-35, Ground Floor, BPTP Elite Floor, Sector 84, Faridabad – 121002

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Madhu Vadera

I was looking for a wedding planner, and then I got to know about their services through one of my relatives. They are professionals, and I am so much impressed with their work and services.

Apna Tent House


(1) Review’s

House No-1305, Main Market Mehta Sweet, Sector 18, Faridabad - 121002

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Piyush Jha

I just want to share my experience with Apna Tent House for a better Theme PartyAs my 10th wedding anniversary and you guys make it more magnificent. Well, the moment was amazing so that I will never forget it. Thank you guys for such management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

ZoopGo will analyze your requirements and list the wedding planners that match your requirements. You can compare and choose the one best suited to you.
Wedding planners charge according to the service requested by you. All costs will be finalized with you and only then the planners will start selecting the service providers.
Catering, decoration, artist performance and anything that you can imagine.
Our wedding planners always take care of all contingencies.
All service providers listed on ZoopGo are verified. They are experienced and committed and always work towards giving their best. Some of the wedding planners allow you to visit a function organized by them, just to give you a taste of what they will serve
Faridabad has as many wedding venues with specialist services as any other part of Delhi. Although a larger number of parties are organized here as the area is far off from the crowded parts of the city and provides a relaxing atmosphere.
Everything that our planners arrange is of the highest quality. The food served will be according to the menu selected by you.
The decorations start in the daytime for everything to be ready by the evening party time, you can come and see the work we are doing in case if you have spare time on the day. All seating arrangements will be as described to you.
Wedding planners are here to make everything easy for you, not difficult. It is the job of the wedding planners to make the wedding experience as smooth and relaxing for you, as possible.
Well qualified and experienced wedding priests are always available for such auspicious occasions.

How to appoint a reliable wedding planner in Faridabad at Zoopgo?

Wedding Planners in FaridabadHence, there’re various things to know before you’re going to hire a professional wedding planner in Faridabad. Therefore, it will be better to understand how and where to get a better planner. Hence, such services can be beneficial because it saves your time and values your money. That’s why you can go with a reliable one. 

What are the things to know before you’re going to hire an experienced provider?


  • First, of all, it is necessary to understand that what you require can be your destination wedding, pre-wedding get-together, or more.
  • Accordingly, research your social media and meet them. 
  • Even you can ask for their previous projects and how they work. 
  • It is necessary to clear the vision of your theme. 
  • Ask for the budget and packages. 
  • From catering to photography it is necessary to ask everything about the included services. 

However, these are the things you can ask your wedding planner. Compare the prices and the procedure then hire them. In that way, it will be better to know that how and why it is necessary to hire a reliable one for better wedding arrangements. 

Therefore, it will be better to research or you can ask your family and friends. They will definitely suggest you a better service provider. Therefore, wedding planner in Faridabad reduces the burden of decoration and food arrangements. From handling the guest to the dishes, from cocktail party to the DJ night they prepare all the things that will be a quiet time saver. That’s why is necessary to understand that hiring a responsible planner makes things easy and quick. So, now it will be better to know what is necessary or what will be better. Enjoy your wedding day with the team of a professional planner suggested from ZoopGo.  

Wedding planner services FAQS

What are the wedding planning services?

The wedding planner service provider will be providing you with the best and quick themes for the wedding having various styles of cuisines including Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese etc. You will also get services of decoration, music and the venue of the entire wedding event.

Do you provide only traditional wedding planners?

It depends on the type of wedding you want for your special day. If you will demand the western kind of service providers for the western or beachside wedding then we will be providing you with this only.

Do you also provide matrimonial services?

No. We do not serve the customers for matchmaking purposes. We only provide you with multiple price quotations for the services of wedding planning.

What size of a wedding can your wedding planners manage?

It depends on the guest list of the customers. You will have to show the guest list to the wedding planners further they will be giving you what you want as per the size of the wedding venue.

What is the best time to choose your wedding planners?

We recommend that you should hire the wedding planners as soon as possible as the good service providers will not be available for you anytime on that specific date and timing. Besides, you can also think at the time of deciding the venue for the wedding or the engagement event.

What do you charge for providing the wedding planner’s quotations?

We do not charge anything for providing you with the price quotations. We fetch the service providers to you without having the benefits of single pennies. So, you can enjoy our service free of cost only.

How can I hire you?

You need to just for to the official website of us and extract the toll-free number or the official email ID, just give us a call or shoot us an email for the requirement of the wedding management services. We will be fetching you the same as per the expectations.

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