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5 Verified Event Planner Near Me In Faridabad
Average Rating (4) - 5 reviews

Dhairrey Productions


(1) Review’s

T 4602, RPS Savana, Sector 88, Near By SRS Chowk, Faridabad - 121002

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Uttkarsh Chauhan

Well, Dhairrey Productions are better according to my experiences. They have expertise event planners in Faridabad as they manage all of my wedding management. At that time I don’t need to be hectic during my wedding occasion. The food court is properly organized and the decoration is also eye-catching. Thank you, guys! For making my day more

Road Dragonn


(1) Review’s

1564, Red Quarters, Sector 16, Near Red Quarters, Faridabad - 121002

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Reena Mehta

They are the best event planner in Faridabad because they know how to manage my irritating guests with kindness. Even the staff members are highly trained and humble. Thank you, guys!

Guru Kripa Tent House and Caterers


(1) Review’s

2C/46, N.I.T. - 2, Faridabad Nit, Near Bhatia Sewa Samaj, Faridabad - 121001

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Rajat Sawhney

Guru Kripa Tent House and Caterers have given the best services in my wedding party. I am truly very impressed with their work ethic and professionalism.

Ykg Events


(1) Review’s

H-35, Ground Floor, BPTP Elite Floor, Sector 84, Faridabad – 121002

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Madhu Vadera

I was looking for a wedding planner, and then I got to know about their services through one of my relatives. They are professionals, and I am so much impressed with their work and services.

Apna Tent House


(1) Review’s

House No-1305, Main Market Mehta Sweet, Sector 18, Faridabad - 121002

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Piyush Jha

I just want to share my experience with Apna Tent House for a better Theme PartyAs my 10th wedding anniversary and you guys make it more magnificent. Well, the moment was amazing so that I will never forget it. Thank you guys for such management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most times, the event planners have their decorator, and if not, then they will hire a separate vendor
For a gala dinner, you can choose any event planner in Faridabad.
You need to follow the refund and cancellation policy to know what will happen if you canceled the event last moment.
Well, for that you can choose to ask them something like what theme to pick or what destination will be the best
Most of the event planners in Faridabad discuss the cancellation terms and conditions with their clients
The event planners always have a backup plan, so that they can fill in emergencies.
Yes, most of the event planners offer discounts on choosing a venue.
Yes, it is the responsibility of the planner to arrange for decorators and florists.
Most of the event planners in Delhi have their own catering vendor and if not, then they will arrange the vendor for your event.
is depends upon you entirely. If you are looking for a company, then freelancers are best

Event Planners in faridabadTop Event Planners And Management Experts in Faridabad

Faridabad is one of the festive cities in India, apart from being the center of the hub of the technological outbreak.

On one hand where the employees are running here and there to arrange for a formal conference meeting or an annual party, on the other side, families, and relatives are visiting shops, talking with the vendors for a family celebration.




Most times, you will get the event planners in Faridabad offering multiple services in a single package. This means that they are accustomed to arranging various event types and not just the ones about Indian festivities and celebrations.

This has given an upper hand to the event planners to work amongst various sectors of the society, be it the corporate firms or the social clubs arranging a marathon race or a club festival.

In Faridabad, some of the events which are widely handled, managed, and arranged by the professional event planning agencies are:

  1. Indian cultural events like big, fat weddings- both on-site and destination weddings, birthdays, engagements, pre-wedding functions, house-warming, etc
  2. Corporate events like conferences, workshops, lectures, meetings, and so on
  3. Social parties like pool parties, DJ nights, annual charity events, opening ceremonies, gala balls, yearly dinners, cruise events, and so on
  4. Club events like sports, local cultural entertainment functions, festivities, and so on


Type of Event Planners in Faridabad You Can Select at ZoopGo


So, everywhere you will go, it’s all about arranging the perfect occasion, which will be the epitome of creativity and uniqueness. That’s one of the reasons which have made Faridabad a living platform for the event planning agencies and firms. But, even when these professional planners are accustomed to helping in a plethora of event arrangements, there are a lot of speculations about them.



Though you might think that being an expert you can arrange your event, hiring an event planner in Faridabad comes in handy. Not only they are budget-friendly, but also they are quite experienced and proficient in their jobs, ensuring that your event would become the hot topic of discussion the next day.

So, considering the hesitant scenario, which arises in anyone’s mind the moment they contemplate in hiring a planner, here are some of the proven advantages of doing so.

  1. Event managers in Faridabad save a lot of money as they have a partnership with multiple vendors, thus offering you the chance to choose the one within your budget.
  2. Professional event planners will help you in dealing with the stress of the event, thus allowing you to share the burden.
  3. The best advantage of hiring a professional is in making the event of the top quality, with all the arrangements being up to the mark.
  4. Choosing the best venue is not easy, especially when you are on your own. That’s the reason where the event planners come in handy.
  5. Another added advantage of choosing the event planners in Faridabad is that you can customize your event’s décor, the food menu, and even the sitting arrangements as per your own choice.



Hiring the best event planner in Faridabad is not an easy job, especially not when you are surrounded by multiple planning agencies. And the choice becomes more difficult when you don’t have a certificate stating which is good and which isn’t.

This is the reason which has fuelled ZoopGo to design a platform where one can scroll through multiple event planning agencies, select the ones whom they like and then at last, finalize the best one. It’s more of a matching platform, ensuring that the best pair of user and service provider can form without any unwanted hassles.



Well, the very first question everyone will ask is why, why ZoopGo is the only option?

Let’s answer the question which is perhaps plaguing your mind since the time you have heard about ZoopGo.


  • First and foremost, you will have a lot of options in your hand but ZoopGo is the most efficient, trusted, and one-stop solution amongst them.
  • Secondly, ZoopGo always takes those event planners in Faridabad as their partner who is popular in the market as dedicated and passionate agencies.
  • ZoopGo ensures that all their partners are licensed and the individual team member is adequately certified in their area of work.
  • At ZoopGo, you will not get ten or twenty options, but rather the list goes on and on.
  • ZoopGo is perfect when you are looking for a variety of different event planners in Faridabad.



If you are still not familiar with the concept of choosing the best event planner, then here is a small guide about how you can do it.

  1. Make sure you know what you need
  2. Be very clear about your ideas and thoughts to the planner
  3. Hire a team for more significant events and an individual for a small event
  4. Make sure that they know how to arrange the type of game you will be organizing
  5. The event planning agency should be proficient in work, passionate, creative, and flexible

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