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Plot No - 23,24, Jeevan Nagar, Near Peer Baba, Faridabad NIT, Faridabad - 121001

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Kulwinder Singh

Accel Painting Services is one of the finest companies for painting services in Faridabad. I hired them and now I am feeling happy with their work.

Bobby Kapoor

I purchased a good amount of paint products from them at reasonable rates. I was happy that they also provided us with good painters. It solved our problems and served us very well.

House Painters – Faridabad

Home is the end of the world!

It is truly said that the world ends at just one place which is none other than your house. The house is something where you can stretch your legs out and feel the serenity. The kind of vibe which you experience at your home cannot be felt in any corner of the globe.

But why do feel all these pure emotions when you are at home?

Because it is designed just as you want it to be. The décor is according to you and the colours of your liking make the wall of your matching your personality.

What if the colours turn out to be shabby and totally out of your taste?

The house will lose its vibe! You will not receive that kind of peace which you wish from your house. So therefore, to keep the tone of your house according to your taste you need to hire professional painters for your house. They are the one who can help you create the dream look you always wanted for your house.

So start hunting for them!

 Who are going to get this amazing opportunity to curate the same look as you want it to be?

Come on to ZOOPGO! And find the ideal match for your house.

Learn more about ZOOPGO!

ZOOPGO is an e-website that helps you browse through varied service provider around the whole city. Also,an e-platform that hunts you high-quality service providers in varied cites. The website is filled with the best of it kinds of cleaners, caterers, photographers, painters and appliance repairers. Get acquainted with your required service providers in just few simple steps:

  1. Plunge onto our website browse through the ocean of varied service provider and search for the one whom you are in need for.
  2. Just type house painters in the tab displayed and professional and expert quality painters all around Faridabad will be displayed on your screen.
  3. Select the one whom you seem to be capable. Read the reviews provided by previous customers.
  4. Ask for a quotation and you are done!

Hiring service providers from ZOOPGO will get your work half done in a minute. You don’t need to go around the whole city to find one.

Hiring professional painters from ZOOPGO are safe as they are listed on the website after checking all the criteria of legal documentation.

So no as you might have done with the choosing of your painters here is a list of things you need to be aware of before it gets painted.



1. Displace your furniture



Before the painting work of your house start it is necessary enough to move your furniture to a safe place. Moving it to a safer place will help to keep it clean and devoid of unwanted paint stains. These paint stains are really hard to remove once pasted.

2. Make your walls tidy

Clean your walls properly so that you are not left with unwanted dirt which will not only damaged your paint but also will ruin the texture of your walls. Also, keep in note that you don’t soak it in water rather clean it with a sponge dipped in the solution of water and detergent.

3. Remove switch coverings

Many people land in the same scene every time of getting their switch covers damaged due to paints. Indeed it has to happen if you do not take care of the same. Try to remove the outlet coverings and switch covers before the painting work starts hence it is made up of plastic the paint doesn’t tends to go even after washing.

4. Make space for them

Keep a staging area for the painters who are to come at your house. As, they not only come with paint buckets and brushes in their hands. They need to carry other important stuffs too which they cannot carry it with them till the work ends. Hence you need to allot a corner in your house where they can locate their things.

5. Pets! Beware.

Pets can turn out to be the damage factor for your paint. As they stroll around in your house it is likely to happen that their hair or paw prints get imprinted on the paint. Hence it then becomes difficult for you to remove it. Therefore, it is counted to be better that you keep your pets out of reach from the same.

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