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Ac repairs and services in Delhi

At ZoopGo, you can hire experts in AC servicing who are available near you in order to avail the best service for AC repair in Delhi. So if your AC is not working well, then you have come to the perfect place. So sit back and allow the experts to give that AC one quick fix. So with ZoopGo availing the best service for AC repair nearby you, could not be so very easy and convenient than this.

What are the common issues faced with ACs?
  • Refrigerant: The chemical responsible for cooling in ACs are considered as one of the most usual issues during AC repair and service in Delhi.
  • Compressor: The most expensive AC part makes sure that the refrigerant moves well through the coils of the AC as well as allow exchange of heat properly.
  • Fan: transfer of hear is not done well, if the outer fan pauses to function properly. As a result the compressor gets overheated.
  • Wiring: Since the ACs are high standard electronic appliances, so an electrical wiring must be able to take care of its load. If proper wiring is not done, the AC will become non-functional as well as the circuit may be tripped.
  • Filters: If the filters become dirty, effective flow of air will be prevented. You will feel the AC is not working well. The basic AC services that are availed in Delhi include filter cleaning.
  • Coils: With the passage of time, condenser, evaporator coils will get corroded, dirty or even worn out. AC servicing on a regular basis can help you to avoid this.


What are the advantages of selecting professional AC repair and service in Delhi at ZoopGo?


  • Assurance of quality: We at ZoopGo are very much concerned as well as careful about the professional we hire as partners at our platform. We make sure that they go through a proper verification process. Because of this, professionals who are well-skilled as well as competent and have a great track record are allowed to work with us. They are able to repair and perform servicing work of units that belong to various AC companies.
  • Use of authentic spare parts: You may think whether the spare parts that are used during the AC repair and service are authentic or not. With ZoopGo, you can be sure that products of great quality are used in case of your AC repair and service.
  • Delivery at doorstep: To repair or have your AC serviced, you do not have to step outside and look out for technicians. At ZoopGo, you can choose a date as well as time when you will prefer the professional to come to your home or office to get your AC repaired or serviced. We understand how critical such situations are and thus make sure that all our customers have the earliest as well as most possible timeslot available.
  • On-time service: For the service partners at ZoopGo, time is very important. So you do not have to follow-up constantly with them about their whereabouts. These professionals will reach your preferred location on time or before that as mentioned by you.
  • Cost efficient:A discussion with the professional on the cost for their service is very challenging. There is no such particular way to decide what the right labour charges are for different services. At ZoopGo we will provide you with a guide for AC repair cost that is standardized. Thus it will allow you to have an idea of the service charge as well as the spare parts cost. The branded products will be charged at MRP that are mentioned by the AC companies.
  • Great knowledge of the service: You will find it difficult to understand any technical jargons that the professionals will convey during AC service as well as repair. Hence at ZoopGo’s website we mention each and every activities clearly that will be present in a specific service. So if the professional hired by you mentions that wet servicing is required for your AC you will exactly know what it means and includes from our website.
  • Guarantee of the service provided: We have an extended service guarantee for 30 days in case of AC service and repair. For damages caused to AC during repair and service, insurance is also provided to our customers.


So at ZoopGo you will get connected to trusted service providers for AC repair and services in Delhi.



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