Let's Dive into South Indian Wedding with Exclusive Culture & Poses!

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

India is a country with diverse traditions and these stunning and vibrant traditions are reflected in form of weddings. People of different cultures, races, and creed in India want to solemnize their weddings in  a traditional style. South Indian weddings are also a reflection of their cultures and we can surely depict that South Indian weddings are entirely different in terms of culture, rituals, traditions, wedding attire, and most importantly all other aspects.


7 Stunning Features of South Indian Weddings You Must know:


Attending a South Indian Wedding can be a great opportunity for a North Indian, as South Indian weddings are entirely different when it comes to tradition. Let's Know about stunning South Indian Wedding Traditions that will blow your heart away:


# Mangala Snanam: Being a lovely South Indian bride, you will be smeared in oil along with a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, and Kumkum. This paste is prepared by Sumangalis, a word in South India famous for married woman.


Mangala Snanam


# Rise Early Otherwise You Can Miss a South Indian Wedding: You can miss a South Indian Wedding if you won't rise early. The time of a South Indian Wedding can be as early as 4 a.m. So, be an early riser, otherwise, you will miss perfect South Indian Weddings.




Rise Early Otherwise You Can Miss a South Indian Wedding




# It's a Very Long Affair: You will be stunned to know that South Indian weddings can be extremely long affair. A typical south Indian wedding can last as long as 16 days.




South Indian Wedding Events



# Classical Instrumental Music Will Mark the Show: If we are attending a South Indian Wedding, we will see classical instrumental music that will be so loud and will make the South Indian wedding go larger than life experience.



South Indian Wedding Music



 # Feast is Served as Per Traditions:  A south Indian wedding will serve you the feast in a traditional style marked with serving on a banana leaf and eating with hands.




South Indian Wedding Foods




# Lots of Games: South Indian Weddings are filled with loads of games and you will be a part of this enjoying ceremony of South weddings.



South Indian Wedding Games




Odd Number: One traditional ceremony is to gift money to bride and groom in odd numbers.



South Indian Wedding Odd Numbers



Let's Dive into Interesting Poses of Bride and Groom that a South Indian Couple can Enjoy:


#Groom Statement with Chain: In a South Indian Wedding, a groom is clad in a traditional Dhoti with a chain gives all a stunning statement. This wao look marks the simplicity of a groom.


Groom with Golden Chain




#Play with Color Poses for a Bride: Why to opt for a traditional red Sarree in a South Indian wedding. A South Indian Bride clad in a green Sarree, Pink, or orange Sarree with a Minimalistic jewelery will highlight the simplicity and will look gorgeous.



Red Saree with jewely south Indian Wedding




# Pose with Traditional Kanjivaram Sarree: If you wanna pose in traditional South Indian Kanjivaram Sarree, you will definitely blow the heart of the groom away. Keep your blouse contrast colored and heavy embellished, and you can fluant your wedding look.



Bride in Kanjivaram Sarree



#Braids with Flower Look: Let's pose in Braids with flower look if you have long hairs, you can give stunning poses enjoying your long hairs. Your groom will love your style and you will catch a lots of onlookers with full blown south Indian Bun.




Braids with Flower Look



# Give a Collective Traditional Pose with your Groom: Go for a golden and marroon border Saree with small floral prints accompanied by a wonderful nose ring, and catching the hand of your groom clad in traditional South Indian Dhoti Kurta will make a great pose. Why not to opt for it and ask the photographers in Bangalore to pick for this stunning pose.




Traditional South Indian Poses


5 Lessons We Can Learn from South Indian Celebrity Poses:


#Go rocking with Stunning Poses: Do you remember the Wedding of  Allu Arjun and Sneha Reddy. Their collective made for each other poses has got many likes on instagram. So, why shouldn't you try this pose for your wedding.


Arjun Allu




#Gold and Gold: The South Indian Celebrities in the South Indian weddings showed their presence exclusively clad in Gold. Therefore, many South Indian Celebrities like Sneha and Prassana gave a bold yet simplistic look. Prassana was clad in White South Indian Dhoti along with Sneha who wore heavy gold necklace and a Mang teeka.



Prassanna and Sneha




#Dhanush and Aishwarya Taking Vows: The stunning picture of Dhanush and Aisharway keeping their hands on the head of each other and performing vows will blow your heart away. you can also try this style in your wedding.



Dhanush And Aishwarya




#Nani and Anjana Giving Pose with Folded Hands: If you will see the picture of Nani and Anjana with folded hands and with a broad smile, it will help you woo the heart of several South Indian people.



Nanni with Anjana




#Karathi and Rajani Staring at Each other With a Smile: The picture of Karathi and Rajani wearing a Pink Saree and White Dhoti Kurta will make your heart fall below.



Karathi and Rajani




The Crux:

We hope that you liked the poses and soon try it for your upcoming South Indian Wedding. We love to make your wedding glare with perfect poses. We wish you all the best for being a part of South Indian Wedding Ceremony


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