6 Unique Photography Ideas for Bridal Shoot 

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

A Complete Guide for Bridal Photography with Unique Ideas 

Welcome gorgeous bride-to-be! 


Being a bride is full of so many mixed feelings. Dear, I can feel you. 



What does the bride want most from her wedding photographs? She wants to make a delightful memory with her partner. She also doesn't want to imitate others' photographs. She wants to make worthwhile photographs that show her. 



If you are someone who is looking for unique photographs despite following the old traditional poses that most brides commonly follow, then this article is definitely for you. This article helps you discover unique ways to be more pretty, cooler, and more stunning. Also, you can do all this with your traditional wedding dresses. 



(1) Bridal Lehenga paired with shoes 



Bride With Shoes

Photocredit: instagram.com/busybeestudio/


Fed up with seeing the bride's common wedges and heels? Does wearing heels make you uncomfortable? 


Try a wedding lehenga with sports shoes or sneakers. Nowadays, most brands design shoes especially for brides. Also, you can match the work of a lehenga with shoes. Have a look below at this ivory lehenga and sneakers. 



Looks Perfect Right…

If you are athletic or have a bold personality, then this look will suit you. 


(2) Bride in jeans or shorts showing her lehenga 

Bridal with Jeans Look

Photocredit: instagram/portfoliostudioweddings

Another cute and unique trend that is booming on the internet is the bride in shorts and a pair of jeans hanging her lehenga with a hanger. This is the perfect pose for those brides wearing the designer's lehenga on their wedding day. In this pose, the camera can focus on the unique designs of the lehenga.


See, you can change this style according to your liking, whether you want to show the artwork of the lehengas on the bed or have them hanging in the tree. You can also stand in front and hang your lehenga in the background. 



(3) Shots with stunning bridal sunglasses

Bride with Sun Glass

Photocredit: instagram.com/_nikita_parida13/


If you have a cool, funky, and chill nature, then this look suits you. Try this look with sunglasses and cute and bold facial expressions. You can also click on this photograph to see all the boys in the family and the girls in the family. You have to stand in front of them, and they have to stand behind you. 



This rocking look is enough to inspire killer wedding photos. 


(4) Capture your love with food 

Bride With Food

Photocredit: instagram.com/weddingsbymanan


Sounds Nasty? Trust me once, and try this…If you love food, then definitely take a shot while eating food. There is no greater joy than doing things that we love the most, irrespective of what other people think about them.



You can take a shot while eating golgappa, or you can try French fries. Also, you can try this look with your favorite food. Show your love for food and click stunning photographs. 


(5) Capture some shots with your favorite dance steps 


Bride Dance Steps



For cool and stunning images, you can capture photos while dancing your favorite dance steps. This is also a great way for a bride to play with her outfit. You can click amazing photos while taking turns. 


Perfect idea to flaunt for a bride to flaunt her looks.  


(6) Bride-carrying wine glasses shots 

Bride With Wine

Photocredit: instagram.com/prachipatel2811


Honestly, I love wine glasses so much because they also look so classy. These glasses are perfect for clicking elegant and classy photos. An elegant lady tries this to click some royal and elegant photographs, as you see in most Western weddings and Indian cocktail parties. But believe me, this will add charm and grace to your wedding photographs. In addition to a wine glass, you can also try a champagne bottle for this look. 



Sounds graceful! Right. Think about it when you try. 



Details of the Traditional Outfits of the Brides 

Why is it important to know the details of the bride's outfits? Well, this is important because in India, every state has its unique traditions, and every traditional bride outfit has unique features that you can capture to make the photos of your wedding more worthwhile and bright. Also, this will reflect our Indian tradition that has followed over the years. 


Maharashtrian Bride 

Maharashtra bride

Photocredit: maharashtrian_bride/


Maharashtrian brides wear Paithani sarees with the forehead ornament Mundavalya, a very important tradition of Marathi weddings. This shows that the bride and groom happily live with each other and are always together. Maharashtrian brides generally wear traditional jewelry, especially nose rings or the unique style of a Nath. She wears the Hirva chuda and carries the Shela dupatta in her arms. 



Rajputana Bride 

Rajputana Bride

Photocredit: instagram.com/maharashtrian_bride/


Rajputana brides wear a ghagra choli, which is fully embroidered. Borla is a traditional Rajasthani headpiece that is shaped like a pyramid and studded with precious stones. Also, they wear a circular headpiece worn on the forehead that is also adorned with precious stones. Haathphool is hand jewelry that covers the entire hand and wrist. Nath is a large nose ring that is usually made of gold and embellished with precious stones. Bajubandh is a bracelet that is worn on the upper arm. Anklets are the traditional Rajasthani anklets that are made with bells and gemstones. 



Bengali Bride 


Photocredit: instagram.com/bengali.bride


Bengali brides generally wear the Banarasi red saree in a wrapped style, which is a traditional style of wearing a saree in Bengal. The bride wears gold jewelry from top to bottom. She wears Shankhapola on her wrists, which is an important part of the marriage which represents her pride, or Mukut, on her head. Capturing a Bengali bride's eyes with a kajal is the must-be-taken photograph of a Bengali wedding. Bengali brides wear Tika on their heads, which represents her as Maa Laxmi and her hands and feet are colored with red liquid. 



Pahadi Bride

Pahadi Bride

Photocredit: instagram.com/pahadi_bride/


Pahadi brides wear a lehenga and a beautiful Nath as a nose pin, which has great importance. She wears a red Chuda on her hands, which represents prosperity. She wears gold jewelry—Mang tikka and Chaak on her head, toe rings, and Payal. Also, there is the kaleere ceremony, where each of the family members puts kaleere on her hands as a memory for her. So while you are taking photographs for your album, make sure to click some shots with these traditional things to enhance the beauty of the photos.   



Every tradition has its unique specialty, and you can take close-up shots of the bride with her traditional pieces, which results in a lasting memory of your wedding day in your heart and also in your wedding photographs. If you are looking for wedding photography services or makeup artists, you can reach out to the exclusive services of ZoopGo. 

I hope you find this article helpful! 



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