6 Best Locations for Pre Wedding Shoot in Gurgaon

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Embrace the Love Moments: Never Forgiving pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Gurgaon

There was a time when couples flew inches above the ground just by hearing the word- wedding photoshoots. Today, in the modern era, the anticipated couple can’t even get excited by casual photography endeavors. Thus, with advanced demands, there comes an advanced solution- “pre-wedding photoshoots”. The original practice from Western culture is now spreading its branches in Eastern societies.

One such area is Gurgaon. One of the most posh cities in Delhi NCR is widely in demand for this practice and thus there exist several stunning pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Gurgaon. Here, while locating the locations in this blog, we also love to draw you with a casual introduction to the pre-wedding essentials.


Pre Wedding Shoot Locations:Where the Magic Unfolds



1. Aravalli Biodiversity Park


If you love spending time between natural colors, then go for it. Enjoy the lush greenery, walking trails, and the majestic Aravalli Hills. It is a canvas for romantic shots, offering the beuaty of nature as the backdrop.



What to Expect?




What makes you embrace the pictures is the uncountable props available throughout the park.The rising or setting sun, mid-day scattering sunlight from trees, snaps under Tyndal effects, using the flying birds and spreading dirt; everything can be used as props if you are a good photographer.




Way to visit!




The best thing is it doesn’t have any entry fee to visit- open to all! Moreover, it opens every day of the week and can be easily visited from Guru Dronacharya Metro Station. But plan wisely, because it has strict timing from 05:00 am to 08:00 pm.




2. Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary




A haven for bird watchers and lovebirds alike, Sultanpur Bird Sanctury offers tranquil lakes and magical backdrops. Picture soft morning light or golden sunset hues creating a serene setting for your love story.



What to Expect?
From the arrays of birds flying around, you can even use the Museum and walking trails for posture photography. Especially, if you are visiting in winter, since there are high chances of encountering various migrators. The creamy fog over the glittering lake will give your pictures a unique touch.



Way to Visit!
The nearest metro station is Sultanpur as will be obvious from its name. Further, you need some bucks to take your camera inside the park for the shoot. Moreover, you should talk to the working employee about adding extra amenities with you.




3. WorldMark




Imagine having your head on your partner shoulder and wandering around the lively strets, modern buildings, adn the conteporary vibing areas of WorldMark Gurgaon. Capture moments over a cup of coffe or against the city lights at dusk. The place is a perfect mix of urbon charm and modern roamance.


What to expect?
The location is full of advanced designs and jaw-dropping scenes. Furthermore, youa re going to fall in love with the luminous neon surroundings that glitter your eyes. Having snaps around such pieces will let you both spark a bliss of modernity.


Way to visit!
Located in the diverse locality of Sector 65, you can drive it directly from the nearest metro station Delhi Aerocity. It would take around 17 minutes if you are driving straight on Maidawas Road. You can visit here anytime between 12:00 AM to 10:30 PM.



4. Heritage Transport Museum


Vintage enthusiasts, rejoice! It might sound weird, but this palace acts ideal for prop lovers. It is full of classic cars, antique motorcycles, and rustic settings at the Heritage Transport Museum transport you to another era. It is a timeless setting for classic love stories.


What to Expect?
However, the location is very specific and not for general couples. One with a great love for automobiles never finds such a location. The car was presented in a unique way sparkled with numerous neon light settings. It has an extensive collection and a dramatic display of various vehicles; which will be a thrilling experience for car lovers.


Way to Visit!

The museum is located on Bilaspur-Tauru Road, which can be easily accessible. Moreover, if you’re trying to locate according to the Metro station then the nearest one is Huda City Center or now- Millennium City Center. Try to talk with the owners, so that they provide you with the right time to visit except for other visitors.


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