The Best Maharashtrian Sweet Dishes for a Wedding - A Treasure of Delicacies from the Land of the Marathas

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

The most unforgettable time of the year is here again in Maharashtra: Band, Baaja, Baraat! Yes, you guessed it right!!! The beginning of the WEDDING SEASON!


As the exuberance of the weddings can be felt everywhere in the entire state, it is that wonderful time of the year, when the marriage fervor envelops the soul with the delightful memories and happiness.


Maharashtrian weddings are full of wonderful rituals, colour, foot-tapping music, delectable cuisines and not to forget the lip-smacking desserts. From magnificently lit up marriage venues engulfing our hearts to the bewitching aroma of desi ghee Puran Poli and Basundi, the preparations for the wedding season in Maharashtra are in full swing. It is impossible to think of any marriage ceremony without mentioning some of the popular Maharashtrian sweet dishes for weddings. 


Experience an Incredible and Sweetest Journey of Delectable Maharashtrian Cuisines

Get ready to increase your calorie intake and dig into the SUGARY TREAT flavours at the Maharashtrian wedding: 


Puran Poli - Woo Your Taste Buds


Time to feature the first sweet dish on this list is mouth-watering Puran Poli. You just cannot even imagine a wedding in Maharashtra without the wheat flour polis stuffed with the jaggery, nuts, and lentils, smeared with ghee. It is an ultimate savoury delight and its delicious taste will instantly impress everyone!


Puran Poli


Karanji - Grab a Crunchy Sweet Piece of Happiness


Karanji, also known by the name Gujiya in most parts of India, is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet dish, which nobody can say no to! It is a must have delicacy in every Maharashtrian wedding. The crispy deep-fried sweet dessert stuffed with the nuts, semolina, cardamom and coconuts, they are to die for.




Shrikhand - Super High in Demand


This irresistible sweet can be found in every Maharatrian wedding menu during the summer time. It is an ideal dessert to get relief from the sultry summer afternoon.  It is generally prepared from strained yoghurt and sugar. It is flavoured with saffron, nuts and fruits. The sweet dish is also available in various flavors like chocolate, mango, cardamon, badam, etc. Many people at the marriage ceremony just cannot resist themselves by having just one glass of shrikhand.


Shree Khand


Modak - No one Can Eat Just One


This lip-smacking sweet is mostly seen during the time of Ganesh Chaturthi, but such is the unique taste and demand of the delicacy that the wedding caterers in Mumbai have now started to add modaks in the Maharashtrian wedding food menu also. The modaks are basically the 'Sweet Dumplings' that are steamed with the rice flour and stuffed with the different varieties of nuts, jaggert, grated coconut, cardamom, saffron and so on. This dish is definitely a best treat for your sweet tooth.




Basundi - Instantly Lift Up Your Mood


Basundi, which is a popular Maharashtrian wedding sweet dish, is prepared with the sweetened dense milk and flavoured with the saffron, cardamom, nuts. The preparation time of this dish is very long because the milk is thickened by the Mumbai wedding caterers for hours before our taste buds get to taste this sweet delicacy.




Til Laddoo - Tilgul Ghya Godd Godd Bola


No Maharashtrian wedding ceremony is said to be complete without the Til Laddoos. There is a tradition to exchange the til laddoos among the people and also say a very popular phrase, which is, "Tilgul Ghya Godd Godd Bola". The meaning of this phrase is to forget all the past ill-feelings and start a new relationship without any issues. It is made with the sesame seeds and mixed with jaggery and sauteed in ghee.


Till Laddu


Gulab Jamun - Loved by Everyone


Who doesn't love gulab jamun? Aren't you one of those who just cannot get over the taste of this irresistible sweet dish. It is generally found in every Maharashtrian wedding where the khoya balls loaded with the varieties of delicious nuts are dipped in the thick jaggery or sugar syrup. It is definitely a sweet dish that you must not miss to try on the wedding day.


Gulab Jamun


Aamras - Goodness of Mango to Soothe Your Soul


This mouth-watering sweet delicacy is fast becoming a must have dessert in every Maharashtrian wedding because of its rich taste and flavour. The sweet treat can be seen during the summer Maharashtrian wedding season. It is made with the mango pulp and garnished with ice-cream, nuts and fruits.


Aam Ras


Sheera - You are Going to Love it for Sure


If you ask any wedding caterer in Mumbai, then they will surely advise you to add sheera in your dessert list. It is made with semolina, sugar, cashew nuts, and raisins. The rich texture and the delectable taste will surely treat your taste buds.




Slurping Already?


This wedding season in Maharashtra, it is time to indulge in some of the irresistible sweet dishes and put on some extra kilos. You should always look for the best and professional wedding caterers in Mumbai who are expert in preparing the delicious Maharashtrian sweet dishes, make the guests happy and most importantly make the marriage ceremony simply unforgettable.

If we missed one of your favourite Maharashtrian sweet dishes, then do tell us in the comments below!


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