The 2021’s Iconic Diwali Party With Spooky Halloween Decorations

Posted Date: 16-01-2024


Halloween nights are never be the same! The Trick & Treat with Diwali party bash makes it extraordinary. The glittery sky with the enthusiastic earthen lamps embraces the big festival day. I mean it’s a huge and extremely most awaiting day in India.

When it comes to celebrations, we never limit our happiness. It means the spine-chilling but lively night of Halloween is celebrated just before Diwali. So, have you ever celebrated the commercial Diwali party with a complete Halloween set-up?


Well, we did! Yes! You read it right - Our passionate team at ZoopGo makes it officially fabulous. This time we recreate the bizarre plus freaky occasion for the perfect “Wowwww!” ecstasy.



Let’s Hit the GIG of Lost Lemons in Gurgaon! Shout-out for the venue….!


Lost Lemons


“Lost Lemons” is already a citrus name with a mega party hunter concept. It beats the jaw-dropping Halloween decor with devil’s mini pumpkin and scarecrow. Even, the interiors were well-arranged with artificial spider webs on the ceiling.


The red blues, yellows, and green lights charm up the entire occasion. Fortunately, the HR team was our event and catering organizer. No doubt! The arrangement was truly awe-inspiring. From Frankenstein to the blood-sucking vampires our inquisitive eyes continuously gaze at the lucrative decorations.



Scroll Down and Take a note of ZoopGo’s style sleek-chic entertaining competition!


The grooves and the moves with unstoppable footsteps and act performances with loads of Giggles create the LOL moments.

Here’s how our team adds on the spark and leverages the festive occasion 100 times better.


The Competitors and performances:



  • The Hera-Pheri concept - The ultimate Babu Rao is unforgettable with that funny whistle in his mouth. The Digital Marketing team introduces this masterpiece with the complete pack of the entertaining act on the “Jumme-Raat” song.



  • The sizzling Ramp walk - The Customer Support Team with chin-up and high heels on the floor makes the real “Jalwaa!” The catwalk was quite impressive that blows the mind of the audience.


Ramp Walk



  • The thoughts of Awareness - The ocean of social networking drawing the youth. Spreading the awareness message, the NCR team introduces a short dramatic act. It conveys reality instead of social media life. In my opinion, it was amazing.



Social Awareness



  • The Journey of an employee - From the first day in your company to the current day we all know the multiple phases of the love triangle, Management, appraisal, Holidays, or more. So, the Sales team meets with the expectations and shows the actual mirror of commercial life.



Jaurney of Employee



  • The Expression-less dance performance - The “Saans-mein-Teri-Saans” track song performance leaves the audience open-mouthed. The IT team is on fire with their expression-less dance. Ummmm…! It's a Serious comedy with 0 reactions.



Expression Less Dance Performance



  • The Non-stop Booty and beauty on the floor - Whether, it’s a Punjabi dance style or Bollywood grooves. The Corporate team introduces an amazing dancing performance where the never-ending clapping and hooting are unstoppable.



Big Booty Dance



And the winner is…..!


With the top-notch majority of Jury and audiences, the IT team wins the amazing gift hampers. Yes! Their Expressionless dance wins everyone’s heart and saves the name with winners.


IT Team Winner



The Toothsome Menu with the mouth-watering feast!


The food platter and buffet with alluring aromas were like three cheers to the amazing Diwali event. From Starter to Dessert the organizers of ZoopGo made the day with a perfectly garnished meal. The Fish Tikka and the fried rice was the first choice of all of us.


Food Menu


The unplugged dancing moment with DJ freaks!

The Electric Music with the continuous mashup was a complete moment of laughs and giggles. The Punjabi lovers and the “Brown Mondays” levels-up the complete event on top.


Brown Munde



Abhi to Party Shuru Hui Hai!


In the end, no one was ready to stop on the beat. This highly energetic team spirit makes us Indias no. #1 web portal. The real Diwali celebrations with the blend of Halloween night were never unnoticed.


Abhi to Party


The After Party and the shouts of Once More - Once More were admirable. Well, I will never forget such memorable moments. Even, the Yummilicious feast and the complete arrangements at Lost Lemons were amazing. 


A Truck is full of Thank You-s! To the entire Admin and Directors with such pleasant surprise on the occasion of Diwali.


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