Jazz up your home with 7 Diwali decoration ideas 2021

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Diwali, the most awaited and celebrated festival in India, is just round the corner. The night when the whole of India transcends into a land of the myriad lamps and illuminates the Earth and the Sky. It has the charm, grandeur and splendor that not only kindle homes but hearts as well. Cleaning rituals make a home look fresh and vibrant, while decorations add serenity to the festivity. With easy ornament, you can push your home's aesthetic, change its ambience and design an enticing and welcoming space for your loved ones to create lasting memories. So make your home a dazzling paradise this Diwali with these super easy and inexpensive Diwali ideas.


Diyas and candles are the heart of Diwali - 

The sophistication, positivity and glow they bring to a space is matchless and irreplaceable. No artificial lights can fill their position. They alone can give a home the most traditional and sophisticated look and feel. But you can create an awe-inspiring outdoor space by making rangoli with colours, petals or flowers and add diyas to create a focal point. It's one of the best Diwali decoration ideas for home outdoors.


Candles and Diyas



Spiritually inspired wall décor -

Diwali has a deep spiritual meaning. It essentially means the awareness of the inner light. Spiritually inspired wall décor features celestial imagery and helps you remain spiritual all the time. Metal wall art with LED effects can be a great pick that will illuminate the entire space, create an opulent ambience and keep your soul spiritually inspired. Even your guests will compliment you for adding this thought-provoking, spectacular décor piece into your home.


Spiritually Inspired Well Decor



Make lanterns with papers and yarn - 

nstead of running after expensive artificial lamps and lanterns, you can make as many as you want using colorful paper and yarn. Making lanterns with yarn is much easier. And you can involve kids if you like. All you need is yarn, adhesive, and balloons, and you are good to go. Once the lanterns making is done, hang them horizontally on the rope or string and tie them onto your balconies and windows.




Floating Candles -

Make your home look expensive with floating candles this Diwali. Their cost is reasonable. Plus, they are less time-consuming and effective. To make them all you need to do is take some glasses, fill them with water, add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to bring fragrance, spread petals and glitter in them and then put the floating diyas, place them on tables or shelves, and you will have a refreshing piece of decor.


Floating Candles



Flowers -  

Marigold, the Mexican flower, has been part of Indian rituals and festivities for ages. Its distinct fragrance can be smelled all around during the festival. You can make garlands using flowers and decorate them on stair railings, stair handles, and the house entrance. You can add illuminating charm to this floral garland by attaching string lights. Plus, you can improve the aesthetic appeal of your living room by putting flowers and diyas in a glass bowl filled with water. Apart from these traditional Diwali decorations, you can embellish your home's corners with some exquisitely designed scented, artificial or dry flowers.


Flower Decortion


Paper Cup Lights -


You can light up the mundane corners of your homes with paper cups. Believe it or not, paper cups are the best elements with which you can amp up your lights game. So take plain coffee cups, paint the outer sides with the colours of your choice. Adorn them with any embellishments you have. Now cut out a small cross on the bottom, so that you can insert your rice light. So light up the mundane corners of the house with this popular and economical Diwali decor idea.


Paper Cup Lights



Illuminates your heart & home with string lights -

String lights are one of the best ways to add that much-needed glow and vibes to your home. You can conduct limitless experiments with them and will never get tired of those ideas. They will bring the wow factor to your décor idea if placed thoughtfully. Here are few ways to incorporate string lights into your home:


String Lights


  • You can make a chandelier using them. You can hang it either on a wall or above the dining table or embellish it like a table piece. It's the most inexpensive way with which you can make your home look most expensive.

  • If you have some spare bottles or old jars at home, which are no more of use to you, take them out, cut bottles into different sizes and shapes, and décor both the items with lace and ribbons. Paint them and fill them with string lights. We bet your guests will not be able to take their eyes off.

  • Also, if you have a small garden on your balcony or have indoor plants, you can experiment with those areas with string lights.




Most essential Diwali decoration items name -


  • Rangoli

  • Diwali Puja Thali

  • Diyas and colourful candles

  • Idols of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi

  • Diwali Coasters

  • Brass Panchmahal (Step Diyas)

  • Plastic leaf torans or door hangings

  • Lakshmi Charan Paduka In Wood

  • Paper Lampshades

  • Elegant Chandeliers


Parting note - Don't know how to decorate your house for Diwali? Then get in touch with the Top Decorators in Delhi to Transform Your Home. We hope this piece of writing helps you decorate your home tastefully. So spruce up your home and indulge in the most delightful time. Happy Diwali!



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