After Holi Deep Cleaning Services - 5 Best Tips to Clean Home During Holi

Posted Date: 16-01-2024

Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali, Holi Hai!!

Yayyy! The colorful and vibrant festival of Holi is just knocking on the door and we just cannot keep calm. After months of lockdown due to Covid -19 in Gurgaon, we all deserve to party hard! So, by now, you must have started preparations by making a playlist of the hit Bollywood Holi songs, making the lip-smacking gujiya, buying the gulal colors and water balloons. Your excitement knows no bounds as you just cannot wait to smear colors on the faces of your loved ones, dance on 'Khaike Paan Banaras Wala' and tantalize your taste buds with the mouthwatering food in your home.


Rang Barse in Holi


What After the Holi Madness?

This is a burning question that is quite difficult to answer. Have you ever imagined what is the biggest challenge you have to face, once the Holi celebrations are over? Yes, you guessed that right, it is the cleaning of the colorful mess you have created all over your house. Getting rid of the nasty color patches or stains on the floor, wall, curtain, bathroom, etc is certainly a nightmare for many people. After multiple attempts to clean the stubborn colors, if there are some spots left, then instead of panicking, you can take help of the professionals who offer the best quality after holi deep cleaning services in Gurgaon to make your house interiors and exteriors look like brand new.  


Holi Madness


Top Tips to Clean Home After Holi


Do not just let the stress come in the way of enjoying holi. Here are some of the best after holi cleaning tips for your home to remove the stains easily and quickly:

  • How to Clean Floor Stains After Holi: After the riot of colors, no one really likes to see their floor in a mess. The problem becomes all the more troublesome, if you have a tiled floor. Generally, the gulal powder is easier to clean with the broom but the colored water may leave permanent splash marks on the floor and it becomes quite a challenging task to get rid of them. Mix some baking soda in water and make a paste. Now, put the paste on the stains and allow it to dry overnight. After it is dry, then you can use a broom or a wet cloth to wipe it off.


Floor Deep Cleaning After Holi



  • How to Clean Walls After Holi: Walls are worst affected during holi and you must possess the superhuman abilities to get rid of the color patches. Well, keeping the joke apart, it certainly is a hell of a task to clean the stains from the walls. Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth to remove the color marks easily from the walls. Make sure you use a soft cloth to avoid the scratches.



Clean Wall After Holi



  • How to Clean Wooden Furniture After Holi: Wooden furniture is a delicate item and getting colors off from them is a tedious task. If not done in a right manner, then it may even lead to the damage and surely you do not want that to happen, isn’t it? You can simply wipe off the gulal from the wooden furniture by using the brush or dry cloth. However, for removing the water splashes, you can make use of the best quality nail polish remover on the cotton and remove the color marks gently. If still the problem persists, you can call the experts for deep cleaning  and have a stress free experience.



Wooden Furniture Cleaning



  • How to Clean Cushions and Upholstery After Holi: Like the wooden furniture, it is important to get rid of the holi colors from the cushions and other upholstery items in your house. For the dry color, you can simply use the broom. However, for the wet colors, soak the curtain in the warm water mixed with the white vinegar. It is one of the best ways to get rid of the colors after holi using minimum effort.



Clean Cushions After Holi



  • How to Clean Glass After Holi: If it is just a simple gulal powder, then just simply wipe it off using the clean dry cloth or the broom. However, for the water color patches, you can make use of the Colin and if it does not works, then use mix 2-3 spoons of baking powder to the boiling water, make a paste, use it on the affected areas on the glass, allow the mixture to dry for few hours, use a cloth to scrape off the color.



Clean Glass After Holi



Unlike the famous tagline Daag Acche Hai! We would say that the color marks or stains after holi are only good, if they are easier to clean. Hence, it is important that you must have a comprehensive plan to keep your house stain free.


Try our home cleaning tips after holi and thank us later! We would love to hear you, so let the comments come pouring in!! And, hey, enjoy a safe and happy holi!

So, now “Do Me a Favor and Let’s Play Holi” and stop worrying.

Holi Hai!!   


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