Best Makeup Artist in Mumbai

Best Makeup Artist in Mumbai

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Bridal, Airbrush, HD Bridal,

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Bridal, Airbrush, HD Bridal,

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We will speed up the entire search process, by serving you quotes as the first step and not the last. We have analysed the business inside out and prepared the requirements form based on our knowledge. The service providers listed will be serving your locality and will meet all of your requirements.
The charges vary depending on the type of services you need. If you just want your hair to be made up, in a style of your choice, the charges will be different if you want a complete makeover.
We have listed these service providers after registering them. We have verified all of their commercial details and we recommend that you read customer reviews about their services before hiring them.
They usually do not take deposits but you must tell them about any change in your plans, as soon as you can, so they can use their time for other activities.
You must clean yourself thoroughly on the day of your makeup activity.


Each and every air con repair professional


I hired a makeup artist from ZoopGo and I was really impressed with their services. Thank you.

Sunita Jain

One month back, for my wedding day I was really very tense because I was not able to find a makeup artist. Then one of my friends told me about ZoopGo and immediately I filled their form and I get multiple numbers. Then I hired a makeup artist from their platform. Really, I was stressed but thanks ZoopGo for helping me

Shanti kumar

Seriously, nowadays it’s really very hard to find makeup artists at affordable prices. I have done a lot of research for makeup artists but not able to find one for my requirement. Then from somewhere I reach the ZoopGo site and really I feel so relieved after seeing rates that I am searching for too long.

What it takes to be the Best Makeup Artist in Mumbai!

Most ladies are aware of what is required for makeup since they were teenagers. They have their makeup kit at home which they use before going to work and those staying at home wear some when going out for shopping. However, if they are going to a special occasion like a friend's wedding or it's their child's birthday, they will only trust the Best Makeup Artist in Mumbai.

It doesn't matter if they are the guest or the host, the local boutique will be in business. Yes they have experienced themselves but these artists are much more experienced, handling tens of such customers every day. They will look at your face and they know what needs to be done. You can always tell them what you need to be done but they will also suggest what will suit you best.


How the makeup artists take your suggestions in their stride?

If you are getting married, your friends will come to you with their suggestions. They will observe the Bridal Makeup Artist in Mumbai as they work on you and tell them what they feel is right if they find what they are doing is disagreeable. Not just the brides but the grooms too are made up for the day. They will suggest mehndi artists too for creating beautiful designs on your arms and feet. They mostly work with face and hair, but they will suggest the right conditioners and soaps you must use to wash yourself, so that you are fully prepared for the makeup activity. 


Why is it important to do a makeup artist course?

If you want to be a makeup artist, you just can't rely on your experience and knowledge. It's always a good idea to get certified as these certificates will put your customers at ease. There are a number of Makeup Artist Course in Mumbai, which you can join. There are a number of institutions in the city and you will be able to find them easily online.


To be the best you have to serve the best

Everyone aims to be the best at what they do. To be among the Top 10 Makeup Artists in Mumbai, you will have to be exceptional as there are so many of them around in each locality. They all want to make these ladies look as beautiful as they can with their knowledge of oils, powders and creams. The whole process starts with your skin. They identify the type of skin you have - dry, oily or normal and accordingly they choose the products to be applied. Your skin changes with age and it reacts differently in different seasons. Every experienced makeup artist knows this and they get to work accordingly.


The professional makeup artists know what you need

You can now find the makeup artists in your local boutique or online if you are looking for bargains. Professional Makeup Artist in Mumbai know that you are hiring them because you are in a hurry or you need special services for the day. They will ask what you are getting ready for and explain the different packages offered by them.


It’s always a good idea to give the service providers some time

Some of these makeup artists will come to your place and assist you there. They will be carrying their entire toolkit and everything that you require for a complete makeover. For this purpose every party makeup artist in Mumbai keeps herself ready for service but we recommend that you book them sometime in advance so they will come thoroughly prepared. They will blow dry your hair and style your hair.


The makeup process from beginning to end

Your skin will be cleansed before any make up is applied over it. The makeup artists in Navi Mumbai know the complete procedure. 

  • starting with foundation (not required for good skin)
  • concealer to hide marks and spots on your face
  • powder is applied so your make up doesn't wear off
  • blush will add colour to your skin
  • eye shadows and mascara will help you with eye makeup
  • next comes the turn of your lips, use any lipstick of your choice
  • you must remove makeup completely before going to bed


The makeup artists are more knowledgeable than you think

Fashion shows have models who require special makeup which matches their dresses. The fashion makeup artist in Mumbai change the makeup of these models with the dress they will be wearing. In case you have a dress in mind you can request these artists to apply makeup that will go with your fashionable dress.


Looking for offers for your makeup

If you find the makeup boutiques to be expensive you can look for freelance makeup artist in Mumbai, online. They serve at lower rates and have not established a boutique yet. They are generally youngsters looking for money and experience. The makeup artists can be female and male, and as the ladies would prefer a female for their makeup the gents will feel more comfortable with a male makeup artist.


We at ZoopGo are here to assist you with your search for the best makeup artist. All you need to do is to fill a small requirements form and in moments 4 best quotes, free of cost will be on your mobile. You can also connect with us at 1800-12312-9655, to discuss any requirements or queries you may have.