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Sharma Events and Caterers
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Road No 1 Masab Tank, Masab Tank, Banjara Hills, Near Balaji Grand Bazar Hyderabad - 500034


The catering charges of Sharma Events and Caterers are quite affordable and prepare fantastic cuisines.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide you at will quotes, i.e. you can get them when you have the need them. All service providers we list for you will meet all of your requirements. They will all be serving at your location.

You can always request the caterers for tasters before you hire them. Their restaurant or offices are usually an indicator of their status. All service providers we list are at first registered with us and then we checkout all of their commercial details to make sure that they are genuine. If you feel the need to go through customer reviews about them, come to our online portal.

The charges are always on a per plate basis and the total cost will depend on the number of guests and the items that you have chosen to be served.

Most caterers request for deposits at the time of hiring. If you decide to cancel your party and you don’t have any need for these service providers, you must let them know as soon as possible. This will allow them to return your entire or partial amount. You must read their Terms & Conditions carefully at the time of booking. If you want to reschedule, they will, if they are available.

Once you have hired these caterers, you can relax as all of the responsibility related to food and beverages are theirs.

The Caterers in Banjara Hills Hyderabad are available to serve at any occasion


Caterers in Banjara HillsBanjara Hills has the most expensive properties, not just in Hyderabad but across the country. This means that the highest quality of services are expected from the service providers operating here and this includes the Caterers in Banjara Hills Hyderabad. This area has some of the best eateries in the city and some of them offer services as caterers too. The cuisines commonly served here are South Indian, Mughlai, Punjabi, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Continental. 


The Wedding Caterers in Hyderabad will make your occasion special

These caterers serve at any occasion when you need them. Mostly they are invited to serve at weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events and festival parties. Some professionals among them describe themselves as Wedding Caterers in Banjara Hills. This means that they exclusively serve at wedding parties. The main reason is that they love working with large crowds and another reason is that they get regular business, which means that they never have any time for other occasions. 


These service providers will assist you to celebrate the way you want to

Different people celebrate their birthdays in different ways. Some prefer to celebrate quietly with their family members while others invite as many people as they can. In the latter case you will need to hire Birthday Party Caterers in Banjara Hills. These caterers can help you connect with other service providers who can arrange a venue, decorations, entertainment and pretty much everything you may need for a birthday party. They will prepare the cake too, as big as you need.


You can choose caterers according to the number of guests

Corona is almost gone but we still remember the restrictions imposed on our parties. The Small Party Caterers in Banjara Hills did a lot of business in this period. They are still required for those inviting a small number of guests at their premises. Most caterers have a limit on the minimum and maximum number of guests they will serve. These caterers will usually serve not more than 40-50 guests. 


They know what different occasions demand

House parties are usually organized by youngsters and these go deep into the night. There will be loud music and the House Party Caterers in Banjara Hills will have to make sure that they do not serve alcohol to underage guests. Snacks will be served throughout the night even after dining is over. Most of the hosts request for meals preferred by youngsters, usually fast food items like pizza and fries. 


They serve food and beverage items according to your preferences

India is a country deeply divided into vegetarians and non-veg food lovers. The religion here prohibits eating non-veg items giving rise to caterers serving pure vegetarian food. There are people here who have preferences for non-veg items and the common belief in the country is that this is due to foreign influences. Whatever your choices may be both Veg and Non Veg Caterers are available to serve according to your requirements.


The South Indian Caterers in Hyderabad serve local cuisine with pride

Hyderabad is one of the prime cities in Southern India and here you can taste the local cuisine prepared and served the local way. There are South Indian Caterers in Banjara Hills who always prepare mouth watering items. You can expect dosas, idlis, vadas, uthappams with coconut chutney and sambar of the highest quality. A large number of chefs from the city goto other parts of the country where items from South Indian cuisine are in demand.


You have the option of setting the menu yourself

There are lovers of Chinese food all across the country. The Chinese Caterers in Banjara Hills serve other cuisines too if you require. If you are organizing a party around Chinese themes, you must definitely connect with these service providers. The starters will have dimsums and spring rolls, while the main course will be served with noodles and fried rice. They will give you a long menu and you can select the items you would like to be served to your guests.


You can select a package or have one customized

You will always be charged by these caterers on a pee plate basis. This means that higher the number of guests, the higher will be the charges. The more food and beverages items you would like to be served will also have a direct impact on the per plate charges. They offer standard packages with selections made from their past experience. If you have budgetary constraints, you can always tell them your budget and they will offer customized packages.


If you are looking for the best caterers in your area in Hyderabad, you should connect with ZoopGo. We have a small requirements form completing which will lead you to 4 best quotes, without any charges on your mobile. As an alternative please call us at Toll-free number 1800-12312-9655 to discuss anything you feel you should ask. 

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