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List of Rat Control Companies Near Me in Ghaziabad (चूहा कंट्रोल सर्विस, ग़ाज़ियाबाद)

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Average Rating (5) - 8 reviews

Spc Pest Control Pvt Ltd

Spc Pest Control Pvt Ltd 5.0 (1 Reviews)

House No 131, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad-201012

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Satyam Pest Control Services

Satyam Pest Control Services 5.0 (2 Reviews)

Plot Number-471, First Floor, Maitri Apartment, Near Mohan Dhaba, Vaishali Sector 5, Ghaziabad - 201010

Start From ₹499 Get Quote View Profile

Pestico Pest Control

Pestico Pest Control 5.0 (2 Reviews)

16, 1st Floor, Katori Mill Market, Mohan Nagar, Opp. One Square Mall, Ghaziabad - 201007

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Rising Pest Control

Rising Pest Control 5.0 (1 Reviews)

256/201,Second Floor,Tensing Palace, Rakesh Marg, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201001

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Ms International Pest Control Pvt. Ltd

Ms International Pest Control Pvt. Ltd 5.0 (2 Reviews)

Office No. 1, Ahinsa Khand 2, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014

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Rat Control Charges in Ghaziabad (Approximate)

Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Rodents/Mice Control Rates for 1 BHK ₹ 729 ₹ 799
Rodents/Mice Control Rates for 2 BHK ₹ 829 ₹ 999
Rodents / Mice Control Rates for 3 BHK ₹ 1099 ₹ 1199

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, the charges are according to the area as it can be 2BHK, 3BHk, or the entire building. It starts from 825 - 1450 INR. For more; contact us.

You just need to visit at ZoopGo accordingly personalize the list, location, and budget within your nearby area. See, It Is that simple!

Because you never want to share your emporium with such little devils. Hence, they are harmful to health and the environment that enhances the chances of infection and severe illness.

No more Jerry mouse in the house with rodent pest control in Ghaziabad at ZoopGo

Rat Control in GhaziabadAre you completely fed up with the nibble of the mice at your home? Did you know? The urine of rats can be a reason for Hantavirus. Even it is also responsible for leptospirosis that can result in severe damage to the liver and kidneys. Do you still want to share the last piece of pizza with them? Obviously not! That’s why rodent pest control in Ghaziabad provides you a better way to get rid of such little devils. 

But, the thing is that where to hire them? The major thing is that you can hire them at ZoopGo. Yes! Because we’re the pro-level providers of an extraordinary team of pest controllers. We’re proud of ourselves as we represent our web portal with amazing customized features. You just need to overview the websites and the feedback section. 

Did you know?

  • A mouse reproduces approximately five to six babies every three weeks. 
  • Rats can live without water for a month as they extract liquid from the food they consume. 
  • Even they can swim for three days in sewage, sinks, pipes without drowning.

As it says:

“Protect your health by taking care of your surroundings.”

What are the ways to get rid of such miserable rodents?

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are 3 easy ways you can do:

  • Seal the cracks and the holes, even the containers of lentils in your kitchen. 
  • You can set the trap around your residential area.   
  • Clean the affected areas and disinfect them all. 

What are the ways of rodenticides for a complete secure living?

According to the professional rat removal service in Ghaziabad, there are multiple ways. Hence, it depends on the type of rodents as it can be rats, mice, or black rats, or more. The solution can be sprays, cage, trap, and bait. 

  • If you’re facing a vast number or multiple nests of such rodents then baits can be better. 
  • You should know that rats are used to eat the faces of their fellows. 
  • So, baits kill all of them.
  • However, sprays and cages take time and only kill the exposed ones.
  • Even DIYs are temporarily good to protect your area and food. 

In that way, it is necessary to hire professional mice pest control in Ghaziabad. They inspect the affected area and help to suggest you a better way to get rid of them on the spot.  

Who can help you in hiring 100% genuine rodent control services?

None other than ZoopGo helps in hiring the best out of better services. Believe it or not but we’re here to provide quality providers at any cost. Rather it’s your rodent pest control in Ghaziabad, termite, or it can be anything. So, you just need to visit our website www.zoopgo.com. And get reasonable packages. 


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