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Estimated Photography Service Charges in Ghaziabad
Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Wedding Photographer ₹ 60000 ₹ 150000
Maternity Photographer ₹ 10000 ₹ 25000
Birthday and personal party ₹ 12000 ₹ 25000
Corporate event Photographer ₹ 7000 ₹ 10000
Product Catalogue Photographer ₹ 50000 ₹ 100000
Special occasion Photographer ₹ 12000 ₹ 25000
Fashion Portfolio Photographer ₹ 15000 ₹ 30000
Baby photoshoot ₹ 10000 ₹ 18000
Pre wedding photographer ₹ 20000 ₹ 50000
Videography ₹ 24,999 ₹ 99,999
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ZoopGo: The Next Level of Product Photographers in Ghaziabad


The recent big saving day on Amazon prime is a live example of detailed displayed photographs. Hence, millions of buyers were active during this big billion sale. But, what attracts them? The trust and the way of representation rather it’s an electrical appliance or any kind of beauty product. Here, we can say that Product photographers in Ghaziabad at ZoopGo are pro-level game players in any kind of e-commerce photography.  


Did you know?

The E-commerce market in India is the largest industry and it is estimated that it will become the vastest market in the world by 2034. Even in the year 2020, the market growth rose up to –7-8% which is quite excessive than the year 2019. 


How product photographers do leverages virtual shopping platforms? 

A true shopaholic understands that visiting at a physical store and purchasing is easier. But, today the things are completely changed. It’s 2021, and everyone shifted their shopping ethics on the internet. And now it is easy to sit on your couch and buy your clothes, jewelry, perfume, brand new smartphone, or more. 


So, what makes the internet or a shopping application highly trusted?


The answer is:

  • The first thing is well-detailed photography. 
  • Showing each and every small detail of any item like it can be Levis jeans, Apple I Phone, or it can be a diamond.
  • Even most of the customers prefer to explore the texture of the fiber and a close-up of any item while browsing.
  • The second thing is the description and specification of the product. 
  • For example, if jewelry product photography is represented according to the eyeconic view of buyers can be beneficial. 
  • Even most of us prefer to do research that’s why clear and authentic 360o photography is necessary. 


So, we can say that Amazon Photographers in Ghaziabad is important –especially when you’re preparing for your online merchandise or any franchises. 


As it says:

“From the beginning of traditional shopping ethics to the multiple online browsing and the way of selling and purchasing becomes a new era of Digital India.”


Even, the Government eMarketplace (GeM) of sellers have listed up to 1,071,747 and the providers of services are 13,899. It means the total worth of small enterprises is Rs. 23,424 crores (According to the financial year of 2020-2021). 


Do you think 360 product photography also matters a lot?

Well, it’s the next level of representation of product photography. Whenever we visit any physical shop then we can touch and observe the item. But, virtually how’s it possible? 


  • During, 360 photography we can rotate, pinch zoom and spin the product. 
  • For example lenskart they allow their buyers to try the frames with 3D technologies. 
  • Even the description about the quality, assurance, colors, designs, or more is truly trusted.


Now we can say that this one matters a lot. 

Why do marketers prefer Product Photography Services in Ghaziabad at ZoopGo?

Well, they follow the core ethics of such materialistic photography such as:

  • Organizing 
  • Preparation
  • Equipment
  • Shooting process
  • Test shooting
  • Post-production processing


These are the most-known basic components of commercial photography. In that way, people can choose better services according to the requirement. 

So, how we’re a better online portal to hire such photography services?

Four things that make us highly preferable:

  • You don’t have to leave your couch,
  • You can compare and know the way how our Product Photographers in Ghaziabad work, 
  • You have access to contact and clear the queries with the providers, 
  • Even the experience of hiring better services is more personalized. 


Now, visit and contact us at 1800-12312-9655, or you can drop an email at [email protected]. Believe it or not, you’ll find an amazing end-user experience for the profitable worth of your time and money.

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