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Top Facade and Window Glass Cleaning Service Providers Near Me in Ghaziabad

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Average Rating (5) - 12 reviews

Tamoli Deep Cleaning

Tamoli Deep Cleaning 5.0 (1 Reviews)

98 FF, Neelam Vihar, Ghaziabad

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Divtech Facility Pvt Ltd

Divtech Facility Pvt Ltd 5.0 (1 Reviews)

B-506, Arunima Palace, Sector-4, Vasundhra, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201012

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Breathing Luxury

Breathing Luxury 5.0 (2 Reviews)

396, Park Lane Number 6, Shakti Khand 4, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad- 201014

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Ocean Rise

Ocean Rise 5.0 (2 Reviews)

SD 176,Jaipuria Plaza , Ahinsa Khand, Abhay Khand, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 202014

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Right Way Cleaning

Right Way Cleaning 5.0 (2 Reviews)

12 B, Vasundhra, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Ghaziabad - 201010

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Clean & Clean Services

Clean & Clean Services 5.0 (2 Reviews)

119, 1st Floor, Rajhans Mall, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014

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Cleaning Global Center

Cleaning Global Center 5.0 (2 Reviews)

SE 21 Jaipuria Sunrise Plaza, Ahinsa Khand 1-Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 

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Facade and Window Glass Cleaning Charges in Ghaziabad (Approximately)

Service Name Minimum price Maximum price
Facade Per Sqft Cost for Below 5000 Sqft ₹ 9 ₹ 10
Facade Per Sqft Cost for Below 5000 Sqft ₹ 6 ₹ 7
Facade Per Sqft Cost for 7000-8000 Sqft ₹ 5 ₹ 6
Facade Per Sqft Cost for 8000-100000 Sqft ₹ 4 ₹ 5
Window-Glass Per Sqft Cost for Below 1000 Sqft ₹ 9 ₹ 10
Window-Glass Per Sqft Cost for Below 1000 Sqft ₹ 7 ₹ 8
Window-Glass Per Sqft Cost for 2000 to 3000 Sqft ₹ 6 ₹ 7
Window-Glass Per Sqft Cost for 3000 to 4000 Sqft ₹ 5 ₹ 6
Window-Glass Per Sqft Cost for 4000 to 5000 Sqft ₹ 4 ₹ 5

Frequently Asked Questions

ZoopGo will help you to get connected with the best facade and window cleaning service by taking your details and connecting you with the right service providers according to your requirements.

You will receive up to 4 free quotations after providing your details on ZoopGo, and these quotes give you the chance to compare and save up to 25% by selecting the service providers that fulfill your requirements and budget expectations.

There is no fixed price for window cleaning service, the charges of the services directly depend on the size of your windows as it will determine the time and effort required to clean your windows.

The experts will arrive at your location at your provided time with their special cleaning tools and they will shine up the glass windows of your building.

The products will be eco friendly and completely safe for the facade, the product will harm or leave any marks on the glasses.

The service providers that are listed on the ZoopGo are verified as we personally verify the documents such as Aadhaar Card, business documents and the PAN cards of them before we list them up.

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Facade Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad: Best Glass and Window Cleaning

facade cleaning services in GhaziabadFind top-rated deep cleaning experts near you at the best affordable price.

What are the Benefits of Obtaining Deep Window Cleaning Services from ZoopGo?

We all want to keep our house neat and clean and therefore, keeping different nooks and corners of our house clean is necessary. For example, we take pride in Window Cleaning Services in Ghaziabad via the best platform of ZoopGo to connect with the best window cleaning service providers. The amazing platform of ZoopGo not only helps you acquire the support of the Best window deep cleaning services and through us, but our customers also approach verified service providers. We also take pride in saving the customers hard-earned money up to 25% and by comparing the reviews and ratings of varied window cleaning service providers through our dashboard facility.

What Questions You Should Ask from Window Cleaning Service Providers Associated With ZoopGo?

ZoopGo provides us an ultimate platform, where we can acquire the best deep cleaning services by comparing the free of cost quotations of at least three to four cleaning service providers. So, if you are fetching the best quotes through our platform, also stay active and ask varied questions from our service providers to judge their services fairly. We are listing a bundle of questions that will help you in picking the best window cleaning service providers.

  • Are you insured and licensed? This question will help you understand hiring via ZoopGo as we ensure you the best window cleaning services by connecting you with the verified service providers by asking for their original Pan Card, Aadhar Card, and other services.
  • What Kind of Cleaning Equipment do you consider for cleaning the windows?
  • What is your Policy of Cancellation of the booking in advance?

What Are The Key Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Window Cleaning Company?

Hiring a window cleaning service provider is a big step in making our home neat and clean. Therefore, we expect you should never commit some mistakes while selecting the best cleaning service providers.

  • Some people do not focus on price aspects and compare the services of varied professionals to get the best results. ZoopGo provides a dashboard facility to ensure this important aspect related to window cleaning services.
  • Some folks do not ask if the service providers are insured and they are capable of providing the best services. Through the platform of ZoopGo, you can ensure the services of the best service providers as we ensure to check the original Pan Card, Aadhar Card, and Certificate of Incorporation of our service providers.
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