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German Motors Works


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Shop No 94, Near Ansal Building, Sumangalam Market, Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad, UP

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Sameer Malik

Exceptional workmanship! A big thanks to German Motors Works for bringing my four-wheeler to life! They attended to all my concerns diligently. I must recommend this workshop to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the repair service depends on the work requirement. Every car may not require the same job. Therefore, the prices are different.
If you connect through ZoopGo, you can get the free pick and drop service from the workshop
You can connect with ZoopGo to find out the top car repair service centre in Ghaziabad.
To answer this, you need to specify the model and brand of the car. However, a regular ac service can cost around INR 2500.
Choosing an authorised and verified repair shop is always a safe idea. A local roadside shop might do more damage to your car.
Just give us your requirements we will give you details of suitable garages, equipped to assist you with the car service you need. They will have trained mechanics to deal with your exact issues.
Most service providers we list for you have been with us for some time. All car repair services have to be registered with us before they make it to you. We always go through their commercial data to make sure that they are authentic service providers.
Come to ZoopGo and we will find a Car Garage near you in moments.
All you need to do is connect with us and we can arrange an inspection as per your requirements. The inspection can be done at your doorstep or you can take your car to the garage selected by you.
We will arrange for a mechanic to assist you as per your needs. If you are facing a roadside problem, arrangements will be made for a mechanic to assist you there. If you are at a garage, the next available mechanic will come forward to assist you.
The charges depend on the services you require for your car. A cleaning job will cost much different than a dent and paint job after an accident.
You just need to deposit your car with them and agree to the charges for the services they are offering. Once you have approved, the services on your car will begin.

Restore your car in the best condition with Car Repair in Ghaziabad through ZoopGo

car repair in GhaziabadYour car needs the utmost care, just like everything else in your life. Whether it be the engine, tyres, or battery. For the car to operate as intended, it must be in excellent shape.

Additionally, even if your four-wheeler is in fine working condition, you should have the engine checked out if you are planning a vacation. Ghaziabad is located in the busiest location in northern India and has many local and verified car repair workshops. You can find many Car Repairs in Ghaziabad to restore the top condition of your beloved car. 


Your car experiences some natural wear and tear over time from consistent use, which degrades its appearance and impacts its performance. Choosing the car repair centre in Ghaziabad, nevertheless, is the most frequent challenge that individuals have while trying to discover the best repair facility. Well, ZoopGo, as one of the most reliable platforms to seek car-related repair services can help you out in such a situation. It has some A-listed verified repair workshops that work up to your expectations. 


How costly is it to repair your car in Ghaziabad?


Since every car requires different repair work and service, the cost of repair and service cannot be the same for all. The verified Car Workshop, however, is reliable in terms of cost. Because they supply the guarantee card for that part, you can even have confidence in the replacement spare part. When having your car repaired, request a legitimate invoice from the shop. Some cars require a dent and paint job, some require engine service. Therefore, the cost of every repair and service is disclosed after the diagnosis of the car issues. However, through ZoopGo, you can expect legitimate and genuine prices. 


Advantages of Verified Car Repair workshops in Ghaziabad by ZoopGo


There are many doubts and concerns which come to your mind while giving your car repair service. Therefore, to overcome them, you need to know the advantages of verified shops:


The concern of Replacing Original Parts with Fake One

This is one of the most common concerns that people go through. What if the mechanic replaces our car’s original part with the fake or local one? Well, we understand your concern. But while dealing with a certified and genuine car repair centre in Ghaziabad, you can simply forget about this doubt. 


Genuine Part replacement: when you take your car to the repair shop, you get the option of choosing the spare part type. Either you choose an original branded one or a local one. However, we strongly suggest opting for the genuine part replacement. 


Doorstep Pick & Drop: while dealing with an advanced and modern car repair workshop associated with ZoopGo, you can avail the facility of doorstep pick up and drop. This facility is mostly taken by busy working individuals who hardly have the time to visit the workshop. 

Experienced Staff: the workshop has highly skilled and experienced technicians and mechanics. This is very crucial while dealing with and repairing your valuable car. An experienced staff is very well aware of the internal mechanism of the car

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