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Wedding ceremonies are one of the most prized occasions of our families. It’s a communion of families, long-lasting festivities for friends and relatives sharing vivid and bright moments together under one roof. The moments are timeless and are to be clicked and shared with loved ones. In our tradition, it’s a blissful journey of many ceremonies like pre-wedding, engagement, ring, and finally wedding ceremonies. Every year, India celebrates millions of weddings and every wedding ceremony is a journey of traditions and rituals of family values of varied cultures. Photographers make these ceremonies and moments related to them priceless with their skills and dexterity.


In this modern era, photographers have been classified as per the demand of the occasions but there are few popular ones like traditional wedding photography, candid wedding photography, pre-wedding photography, engagement photography, ring ceremony photography, and wedding reception photography which have caught everybody’s fancy.   



Traditional Wedding Photography is the most popular as well as a conventional type of photography among the lot for an average Indian. It’s most desired and demanded by people of every income group and so its budget varies. Photographers should be experienced as well as skilled enough to capture every lively, energetic, traditional, and emotional moment of the marriage ceremony. It’s because all clicks are going to be compiled in one photo album which will be shared, cherished, and enjoyed for years.



Candid Wedding Photography is catching the fancy of the new generation for its naturalness and spontaneity. It involves clicking pictures of people instinctively when a person is unaware that his picture is going to be clicked. It’s the skills of a photographer to find appropriate, funny, zany, and sentimental moments where people are rejoicing, interacting, and enjoying a wedding ceremony.



Pre-Wedding Photography aims at capturing natural romantic moments, expressions, and emotions shared by couples in the most vibrant ways. The pictures emanate romanticism and a feel of togetherness in a bunch of lively and carefree moments clicked by the camera. These pictures work better as a slideshow, pictures for wedding or reception ceremony cards, and as wall-paper in your rooms. The pre-wedding photos can work well as the best storyteller of your love story, exuding out your love for each other.     



Engagement or Ring Ceremony Photography is photography that carries happy moments of a brief and sweet ritual in India where couple exchange rings, ensuring that they will be married soon. Unlike marriage ceremony photography, it’s a more casual, friendly, and interactive photoshoot. The couple and family choose location, clothing, and decorations to match their budget, mood, and standards. It’s authentic and carries sentimental values for both the families. 


To cater to every, mood, occasion, and ceremonies for a Wedding, ZOOPGO has a list of potential and skilled photographers. Our lists of wedding photographers are equipped with the trendiest of gadgets and gizmos to capture every lively moment of your ceremony.  It will be their experience par brilliance which will make these cherished moments a gift of a lifetime for you.


FAQs for Wedding Caterers in Faridabad


  1. What types of food variants Caterers can be available at ZOOPGO?

Listed caterers at ZoopGO delivers a wide range of tasty vegetarian, non-vegetarians, and regional dishes to its customers. Our wedding caterers have a team of skilled cooks from all regions to prepare all sorts and varieties of dishes with authentic and regional flavors.


Are ZOOPGO experienced and verified enough to cater to any number of guests?

Yes, they do have the potential and capacity to handle a large number of guests. They have a team of lively and professional cooks who are capable to handle and serve diverse cuisines with authentic tastes to its guests.  


    Do ZOOPGO offer expensive services?

No, ZOOPGO has a team of high professionals to match and suit every budget. You can discuss the budgets of your party or event and then settle terms and conditions with them.


  1. Do ZOOPGO offer limited-time services to its customers?

No, ZOOPGO is open 24X7 to cater to its services and all queries of customers will be entertained. The administrative staff is very cooperative and helpful and will assist you throughout the function in the best possible way. 


  1. Are discounts offered by ZOOPGO while booking the WEDDING CATERERS?

Yes, ZOOPGO offers discounts to its customers but it depends on the type of booking and the time of booking of the venues and caterers. Commonly speaking, the bookings are done six months before the wedding day and if one book before it then extra discounts are also offered by them. The final decisions are taken by the ZOOPGO management team.   


  1. Is it possible to book a WEDDING CATERERS without giving any advance?

No, it is not possible to book because advance ensures the availability of both the host and the service providers. ZOOPGO delivers services from its selected vendors which will be available on your choicest date and time. Therefore, the advance is mandatory accompanied by the terms and conditions of the final payment. It will avoid any type of confusion or conflict in the future. 

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