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6 Verified Pest Control Near Me In Bangalore
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RajKumar Pest Control


(1) Review’s

Masjid Road, Near Chowdeshwari Temple, Yelahanka, Bangalore -560064

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Prem Mulchandani

Our shop got an effective pest control treatment from them. We finally got rid of stubborn termites, ants, and rodents, all thanks to this company.

Max Pest Control India Pvt Ltd


(1) Review’s

1723/D, KB Complex, 2nd Floor, 2nd Stage, 2nd Block, MKK Road, Rajajinagar, Bangalore 560010

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Lovleen Chabhra

Pests and termites are big problems for my home. I hired Max Pest Control India Pvt. Ltd to fight them. They delivered good services and eliminated them completely. They are highly recommended

NP Master Pest Control Service


(1) Review’s

475, 2nd Cross, Ganapathy Nagar, Rajagopala Nagar, Peenya, Bengaluru, Karnataka- 560058

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Kamlesh Arya

After effective pest control services by NP Master Pest Control Services, the “feel-good” factor prevails in our house now. My bedroom is now clean and I can feel the difference and so do my other family members

Bedbugs Complete Solution


(1) Review’s

No 1001, Shampura Main Road, DJ Halli, Shampura, Bangalore - 560045

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Vishakha Patil

Bedbugs Complete Solution has solved all my worries and problems regarding bed bugs and other types of pests. The spraying process was safe and we are feeling better now.

Herbal Perfect Pest Control Pvt Ltd


(1) Review’s

No 296, 4th Cross, Vijaya Bank Colony, Outer Ring Road, Banaswadi, Near State Bank Of India, Bangalore - 560043

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Pratham Kumar

Our office was dirty and unhygienic for years. My brother suggested the name of Herbal Perfect Pest Control Pvt. Ltd. and I interacted with them. I was pleased that they have served us very well. Our rooms and furniture and cleansed to perfection and are looking good. Good hygiene prevails now.

Dustbucket Pest Control Services


(1) Review’s

No.165, 2nd floor, 4th stage, 1st cross, Rajajinagar Industrial Town, Bangalore - 560010

Recent ZoopGo Customer Reviews

Satish Chakravarthy

Pest control is now becoming a necessity now. It will be wise to hire a company like Dustbucket Pest Control Services to make your house clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we are having thousands of lists in which it will be easier to personalize the multiple options. So, it will be easier to hire Pest Control in Bangalore. 
Well, bait is the only solution that reduces their entire empire. Therefore, they eat the baits and the feces will be harmful to termites, cockroaches, and most pests. 
The charges are according to the deadly pests and areas. Like cockroaches, termites, lizards, spiders, or more. Therefore, it will be better if you ask for it and you know what it is quite affordable and genuine. 
At, ZoopGo it is easy to hire experienced Pest Control near Me in Bangalore. Even, it is easier to shortlist according to your nearby area.
Hence, our professional Pest Control in Bangalore is verified and provides you better services. Therefore, our feedback section is completely verified and it will be easy to overview the official website. 
Well, they use multiple solutions such as sprays, baits, cages, or other herbal solutions. Even they also inspect the entire area to know about the harmful pests. 
Yes, They are affordable. Even you can shortlist them at ZoopGo according to the review and trustworthiness. In that way, it is easy to shortlist them according to your location and budget. 
Well, the mode of payment is completely digitizing in the manner of Paytm, UPI, NEFT, IMPS, or more.

How ZoopGo will help to get the best pest control service provider in Bangalore

As we all know Bangalore is the city of IT in India so here professionals are a busier hour and more technical and internet users in this schedule of a busy life to maintain home hygiene need to hire a pest control service provider to overcome the pest issue. Here ZoopGo platform design in a way to take care of all the needs of the consumer. In Bangalore, you can hire a pest control professional through ZoopGo within three steps away with the best rate and quality service.

ZoopGo has an easy process 1st you need to see what type of service in pest, you are required to choose your services next fill in your location, contact details, and then choose your time slot according to your time schedule. Here cost also you can save because ZoopGo connects you with 3 to 4 experts of pest control service providers in Bangalore.


As we are all aware of the fact that pest creates an unhygienic environment in the house and sometimes created the problem you have sleepless night due to this pest. Once the pest rises in the house they became a multiple within a week they grow very fast. Due to past issues, your productivity also hampers at the job so we need to rectify this issue at the initial stage.


What type of pest issue can be rise at home or office?

Here different type pest can rise at home or office or every pest issue have a unique solution of that why we need to hire professional pest control service provider near us because they are trained and experiences people aware about the what type pest issue need to apply what type of solution so easily you can overcome from the pest issue. Lets us first discuss the type of pest problem.


Termite Control Service in Bangalore

This treatment used for furniture and wood some termite destroyed your costly furniture and your wood door if you don’t have the solution to control the termite on time. Termite control needs professional care because the first need to identify the issue of termites and then you can use the right treatment for termite control. Two common treatments are conventional barrier treatment and termite’s baits. Approved treatments include.


  • Liquid soil-applied termiticides
  • Termite Baits
  • Building material impregnated with termiticides
  • Wood treatment


Termite control services you can hire professionals for your home or office or commercial space like mall, hospital, school, etc. In this treatment, chemical injects your wood or furniture and this treatment safe for your wood or furniture because chemicals used in the treatment is wood preservative so need to worry about your furniture damage do with treatment.


Bed bugs control services Bangalore

Before taking the bed bags control treatment we need to follow the pre-treatment procedure for bed bugs control this is also an important exercise. Pre-treatment process


Reduce clutter

Remove your all personal item like a stuffed animals, toys, blankets, electronics items while you removing these items are careful because bed bugs can spread another area as well through these items.


  • Launder infested Garments and linens
  • Dismantles bed frame
  • Remove the dresser and drawer


After this process professional of bed bags control service provider apply the treatment to control the bed bugs basically three types of spray and machine treatment used to control the bed bugs its safe treatment because chemicals used by professional is approved.


Rat control service in Bangalore

Mice and rat control at the house and office space is very important because they created a big issue for health some time and these are also harmful to food materials also destroy your food item. A technique used for rat  control is a rodent infestation.


General pest control service in Bangalore

This treatment is used generally to control lizards, mosquitoes, ants, and cockroaches. This treatment, most time gels baiting technique is used. This treatment is effective for your commercial space and home as well.

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