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What is sanitization?

Sanitization is the act or process to make your home or office germs and bacteria-free so it will reduce the threat of spreading the virus.

Why Do I need to Sanitization in Society?

As we all aware of the fact that Covid -19 life threaten virus spreading all over the world to stop the spreading of virus we need to take precautions social distancing, disinfect or sanitize the society.

What is the cost of the sanitization home/office?

The cost of sanitization depends on the covered area. So it’s better to compare the price from 3 to 4 vendors for that no need surf more site you just put the request on ZoopGo will connect with 3 to 4 vendors and get the best quote.

Why should I hire professional for sanitization or disinfection?

As we aware the vast spreading disease because of microorganisms like bacteria, germs, and virus to avoid the spreading of this type of diseases need expert sanitization service so it can be disinfected.

How long the service of Sanitization and disinfection is effective?

  • The sanitization or disinfection service effective approximately 1week 
  • What is the pre precaution we should take before use sanitization?
  • Keep your kitchen platform empty
  • Keep your eatable and medicine in a secure place
  • Keep your valuable at the cupboard
  • Keep ventilation

What is the time duration for sanitization?

It hardly takes 20 to 40 minutes or some time depending on the area

Can family will be present at the time of sanitization?

During the spray of sanitization, the family can be there because it’s very safe for child, elders, and pets

Does this service eliminate the virus completely?

These services disinfect the contaminated surface of the office and house. The surface is safe as long as no further contamination is happening on the surface. Precaution is needed to be taken, though protect you, timely washing your hand, social distancing, and practice respiratory hygiene.

Why should avail the sanitizing service from zoopgo?

  • Quality approved sanitizing expert
  • Easy hiring process
  • Verified expert service provider
  • All are trained, equipped vendor


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