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Love is the feeling which is a boon from almighty to the humankind. It is a feeling that not everyone on this earth can experience, only a few in the list are graced with that.

The ones who are bonded in this beautiful relation have a reason to celebrate!

They celebrate their season of love as ENGAGEMENT between the two cupids!

The engagement ceremony is one of the important ceremonies in one’s life. It comes after a long wait of years together. It is the best celebration one can experience other than a wedding.

No other celebration can be as enjoyable as this one.

Love sways in the air!

An engagementparty is a huge party who is attended by many of your relatives, friends, and many more on the guest list. You try to give your 1000% to make it a perfect function. But, even if a smallest detailed is overlooked it can spoil your function. Nobody would ever wish for such situation to pop up at their event.

We request you to go through your checklist and assure that you have finalized all your things.

Checked? Is everything done?

Oh! The catering person isn’t yet ready to lower the prices. This interprets that you are still not sure with the catering section of your function.

How can this sound good? OK, there is no point in getting panicked. Rather, sit down and think calmly. There is always a way for all problems.

Search it on Google!

Thank god! Google drove you to us. You have reached the right destination! On the platform of ZOOPGO, all your services issues are solved at one click.

ZOOPGO is counted to be a one-stop solution to all your problems. We help you to dive into a pool of different services from cleaning to catering, from painting to photography we are there for you always. Just toggle through the option of caterers and then search for engagement party caterers. A list of top engagement party caterers  of Gurgaon will be displayed on your screen. Scroll down to view all of them. Choose one, view the menu, view their prices, view the location and check all the details you wish. You will also be offered with a free quotation about the pricing according to your needs. It’s that simple!

An engagementparty is defined as a remarkable celebration. Therefore, don’t you think that along with décor the food should be the star of the party?

Offering the role of the lead actor to your food proves true justice towards food!

But, it seems that you are still tangled in the selection process.

Here, we suggest you the 5 MUST HAVE DISHES that one should include in their special functions:

(This is list is made by the suggestion of our expert catering players!)

1. Dahi Baingan

A dish with Oriya origin can put your food counter on fire. The counter is never getting out of people. The crowd will hover around to have more. It has eggplant and curd as its lead actors. The dish is served with a tadka of some really popping spices like fennels seeds, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and curry leaves mixed in the puddle of vegetable oil or ghee. This gives a rich golden shade to the dish giving it an attractive look.

2. Dilli ki Chaat

This chaat is adored not only in Delhi but also in all corners of the globe. It is a savory snack originated from Delhi. It is considered to be very famous for its taste and combination of various ingredients.

One bite can blast a bomb of spicy, juicy, sweet and crunchy mixes!

3. Smoked Dal Makhani

The word smoked says it all. It is a semi-liquid curry structured savory dish. It is served as one of the main course dishes. It sits in a perfect fit with Jeera Rice or Parathas.

Made from the mixture of different pulses with a rich, creamilicous texture this dish will sprinkle the magic spell in your menu!

4. Gajar ka halwa

It is a dessert made from freshly grated carrot, sugar, khoya, and milk. All this mixed in the pool of pure ghee. Water starts dripping at its first sight. This is a traditional dish made on different festivals and served on special occasions.

Add more shine to your meal’s table with this sweet dish!



5. Chocolate Fondu

Chocolate fondue is just the perfect full stop after having a full coursed meal. It is a Swiss dish of melted chocolate served in the fondue pot. The essence of chocolate will drive into a different world from where you never want to come back. Adding this in your dessert list will be a perfect choice.


Having all these dishes stitched on your menu will make your guest drool over food and your Engagement party will be on a roll!


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