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Frequently Asked Questions

If your wedding is scheduled in between a busy wedding season, we would suggest you should book for a photographer at the earliest to ensure the pre-wedding photographer’s availability. The photographers listed in the Zoopgo platform are the best photography professionals and are highly recommended. Hence, their services are in high demand. So, once your wedding date is finalized, you should opt to finalize the time for the pre-wedding photo shoot location and timing.
Zoopgo offers you the flexible provision for selecting a photographer who falls under your estimated budget. The overall cost of the pre-wedding photographers depends mostly on the experience they possess and several other requirements.
The pre-wedding photography often includes a mix of the shooting styles. This particularly includes candid photography, the location-based photography and posing for the photographs. You can always enjoy the liberty of the choosing the components that you can include in your pre-wedding photography session.

The Best Pre-wedding Photographers in Delhi

The pre-wedding photography is one of the essential parts of any traditional wedding in India. On the actual wedding function, the couple is actually busy meeting as well as greeting the guests & taking part in the wedding rituals. A pre-wedding photo shoot very well allows the to-be-hitched couple to get photographed in a very relaxing setting without any probable chaos that usually happens at the wedding. The couple is dressed up in the formal wear, which at times may seem a bit uncomfortable but in their pre-wedding shoot they usually wear some relatively casual outfits and have immense fun in each other’s company. The to-be-hitched couple is not being weighed down by the heavy Indian finery. For the couples who are having an arranged marriage, this gives them a fair chance to know each other thoroughly and spend some quality time together while the pre-wedding photographer captures these immensely happy and memorable moments.

A pre-wedding photo shoot is usually a session where the to-be-hitched couple spends a couple of hours with the photographer at some exotic locations of the couple’s choice for a fun as well as memorable photo shoot. The couple usually changes their outfits multiple times and they are usually not dressed in the heavy formals, unlike the wedding function. The couple can opt for either a concept photo shoot or a general photo shoot usually in some exotic location like a monument or garden which provides for the best and gorgeous backdrops.

The Zoopgo pre-wedding photographers give you several ideas and concepts from which you can choose the one that interests you the most. The best part is that all the pre-wedding photographers from Zoopgo are well-experienced and have great expertise in pre-wedding photo shoots.

How does this work?

As soon as you go on to Zoopgo website, you can search for the pre-wedding photographers in the search bar also mentioning your specific location where you require the service. There is a short questionnaire which enquires about your specific requirements so that the best-suited options can be offered to you. Up next, the Zoopgo site asks you about the specific location where you want the session of pre-wedding photo shoot to be conducted. You can mention the location of the photo shoot- whether you want it to be in your own city or at some other location. As per your confirmation, the chosen Zoopgo pre-wedding photographer would provide you with the estimated price quotation. Once you approve the same, the pre-wedding photographer would go ahead and make arrangements for the pre-wedding photo shoot.

Services offered by the Zoopgo Pre-wedding Photographers
  • The candid photographers from Zoopgo would offer you the services of natural photography without any posing. This aims in capturing of the innate expressions and also the uninhabited moments of the pre-wedding photo shoot.
  • The Zoopgo pre-wedding photographers provide the various time slots for the shoots as per the client’s convenience. This pre-wedding photography session may range up to 1 to 2 weeks.
  • The Zoopgo photographers also recommend the ideal location for the pre-wedding photo shoot to their clients.
  • The Zoopgo pre-wedding photographers ensure that their offered package is absolutely decent and cost-effective.

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