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Shweta Sharma discovered her love for writing at a very young age, and since then, she has strived to give shape and meaning to thoughts. Her passion for words pulled her towards the media industry, where she worked with various renowned groups as a journalist, in order to bring the burning issues to light. The digital world has opened new avenues for her by offering a pivotal platform to work as a content writer and blogger. She loves to write on fashion & lifestyle, logistics, Page-3, and other miscellaneous topics.

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Kannada Brahmin Wedding Menu

Kannada Brahmin Wedding Menu - A Satvik Yet Scrumptious Affair!

Popular Dishes in Kannada Brahmin wedding menu With no pomp and show, a Kannada Brahmin wedding is simple, elegant, and meaningful. It's a reflection of deep-rooted customs, traditions, and heritage. Daytime rituals that continue for 2-3 days form an indelible...

How to Celebrate Holi in the Office Without Colours?

How to Celebrate Holi in the Office Without Colours?

5 Eco-friendly and fun ways to celebrate the spirit of Holi at workplace without colours!  'No Colours at workplace!' Has your HR manager spoiled your plans of a fun & frolic Holi by putting up this notice on the board or email? Par Ruko Zara, Sabar...

Bollywood celebs who got married in 2021

Bollywood Celebs Who Got Married in 2021

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.” Robert Browning The year 2021 is solely dedicated to B-town weddings. B-town weddings are usually pompous. But this year, amid the pandemic, love determined its way to the coronary heart of B-town celebrities in...

Top Wedding Venues in Delhi Under 20 Lakh

Top 5 Luxury Wedding Venues in Delhi-NCR Under 20 Lakhs

Delhi is a land where the tale of a wedding is scripted with the ink of love & royalty. It is home to many lavish palaces, hotels and resorts. These places are the perfect symbol of refinement, elegance and class, and stand proud among the world's most spectacular and sought-after...

Diwali Celebration Ideas

Jazz up your home with 7 Diwali decoration ideas 2021

Diwali, the most awaited and celebrated festival in India, is just round the corner. The night when the whole of India transcends into a land of the myriad lamps and illuminates the Earth and the Sky. It has the charm, grandeur and splendor that not only kindle homes but hearts as well. Cleaning...

Trendy Colours for House Painting

Which are the trendy colors for house paint in 2021?

Every room is a canvas waiting to be colored with hues of an artist's imagination.  Life came to a grinding halt in 2020. But 2021 gives us hope to add beautiful hues to life as well our homes. And what can be the most effective and straightforward...