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Mansi Sharma is a professional content writer based in India. She started her journey as a travel blogger in 2019 to till now she generated multiple writing skills. Now, her expertise zone is working closely with the newest trends and social media. Working on B2B and B2C including Lifestyle, Pharmacy, Multimedia, Guest posting, etc. are her prior concern. As she believes there is a world of words where readers will never end on engaging content. So she molds her creative thinking into words with the keen researching skills for search engine visibility.

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OMG! These Yum-Yum Cooling Delights are refreshing enough to beat the Indian summer

Do you remember the days when our “Daadi-Maa”, used to make "Thandi-Lassi" in summers? And, That “Chuski-Vala” always stands outside our school? Such sweet-feasts are one of the popular cooling foods for the Indian summer. This time the...

Tips for Summer Pest Control

Here are 5 Easy Tips to Save Your Home from Summer Pests

Mites. Roaches. Rodents. These are the unnoticed but the most toxic pests. These tiny beasts make healthy into unhealthy and tidy into filthy. It all boils down to the cozy homely zone. So how you can get rid of common summer household pests to protect your family? How can you...

Importance of Digital Catering Menu

QR – Digital Menu Making Your Catering Business More Sustainable

To start your catering business after the era of COVID-19, you should focus on contactless services. This goal will be worthwhile with completely digitize facilities. Yes! Here I am talking about the implementation of the QR digital menu for your all-new food supply business. Believe it or not!...

 Top Winter House Deep Cleaning Tips

These Deep Cleaning Tips Will Help You to Beat 2021’s Winter Blues in a Warm and Cozy home

The Jaw-Frosting weather with tons of snuggles into your warm blanket is knocking on the door. Ahem! It’s hoodie season for a frisky mug of hot chocolate and a shot of rum. The days of dry skin are not so far away where we use to sleep like a panda and all-day cuddle with our so cozy...

Diwali Party Celeberation

The 2021’s Iconic Diwali Party With Spooky Halloween Decorations

  Halloween nights are never be the same! The Trick & Treat with Diwali party bash makes it extraordinary. The glittery sky with the enthusiastic earthen lamps embraces the big festival day. I mean it’s a huge and extremely most awaiting day in India. When it...

Diwali Celebration Ideas

10 Ways To Get Creative With Office Diwali Celebration Of 2023

Office celebration – or a casual get-together – whatever you want to call; the festive season is all about spending a good time with nears and dears. To celebrate the occasion of Diwali, our Event Planners in...

Diwali Deep Cleaning Tips

Try These 2023 Best DIY Diwali Home Cleaning Tips

The festival of lights –or flaming the earthen lamp the festive season is around the corner. Now, it’s time to upgrade your residential area with these Diwali Home Cleaning Tips.    According to the Hindu tradition, a clutter-free...

Vidai Moments

7 Emotional “Vidaai” Moments Clicked by Wedding Photographers

In India, a daughter’s wedding is full of emotions and love. The different shades of rituals begin with all the enthusiastic vibes like –Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Varmala, Joota-Chupaai, etc. And the bittersweet ceremony of “Vidaai” it took courage to say the last goodbye!...