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Amit Bhatt is a well travelled author with experience in managing a number of businesses. He has worked for e-commerce start-ups, custom house agents and an agricultural magazine. He has travelled to Australia, Ireland, Nigeria, Libya to name a few countries he has been to. He loves reading historical literature and plays cricket when he has free time. He also loves cooking and experiments with various recipes.  
He has interviewed and written about farmers from across the country. He has reported about agriculture in India on the newswrap section of Krishi Jagran. He has written requirements and technical documents for a number of software projects. As an author he focuses on businesses, how they are promoted and how they function. At the moment his writing interests include food, photography, transportation and home improvement. 

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How to beat this summer's heat?

The traditional and innovative ways to beat the heat this summer We all have our ways of handling different seasons. When we were toddlers, our parents looked after us throughout the year. As we grow up we learn to look after ourselves. Now that the summer is almost...

Catering Service Trends

The Upcoming 2022 Trends for Catering Services and the Reasons Behind Them

Trends are based on what the market is responding to i.e. what the foodies are interested in, in this case. These can be driven by innovations, something new that seems appetizing or something like the robots of New york, who prepare the meal in front of you. Trends also depend on the food...

New Year Party Venues in Delhi

List of Best Party Venues to Celebrate New Year's Eve in Delhi NCR

New year's eve is not far away and the winter is in full swing. Woollies are out and we are all looking for hot drinks. The last day of December is far enough for party planners to worry too much about as the party venues in Delhi...


Here are the Car Cleaning Tips and Tricks, for a complete cleaning experience

Car cleaning can be divided into simply two parts - interior cleaning and exterior cleaning. The interiors and exteriors of your car require different tools, chemicals and methods to clean them. While the outsides of your car are rough and tough the insides are soft and comfortable. Regular...

Install CCTV cameras in Your Home

Why should You install CCTV cameras in Your Home?

Why should You install CCTV cameras in Your Home? When you think of CCTV cameras you think of locations that are unsafe and frequented by criminals. However, these can also prove to be an effective deterrent for any trespassers or persons with criminal intent. You should buy cameras...